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Going Deep Musically and Lyrically
Posted February 26, 2013
By jonathaniruiz,

Already a riveting voice in the Spanish Christian music world, Christine D'Clario presents her first English project tangled in soft pop and melodic worship.
The orchestral upbeat worshipful "Reign" sets the tempo, giving the listener an expectancy of the album. "Reign" calls out for God to reign from the depths of the soul in all of His children and in all the earth. The song is healing, allowing the listener to also be participant in this worship experience. 
Woven in soft piano hushes and the singer's organic vocals that are widely ranged, "Magnified" (by Desperation Band) soothes the soul. Lyrically profound and musically stunning, the song declares God's great love and allows the worshipper to recognize the one and only who is worthy of all praise. "Savior, Son of God be magnified, magnified. Jesus, wonder of the world, how we love You.
The rising popular anthem "Pursuit" (Daniel Bashta) is uniquely adapted by the songstress with a well crafted musical score and rich vocals. The song calls out for a fervent pursuit of God's presence and allowing Him to search one's heart and "strip everything away" until one is fully surrendered. The music is justly placed starting off with string and piano accompaniment and building up to a soft, yet riveting textured anthem. 
Poignant and encouraging, "Anchor" allows one to be reminded when "oceans roar" that He solely is our "anchor." Graciously arrayed, the poised acoustic guitars, piano, and the cello sets the listener on a journey that embraces loving arms and naturally transcends to faithfulness. 
The following track reminds the heart of God's never-ending faithfulness accompanied with a male duet (Anthony Skinner). The words are profound, as they are beautiful: "It's the way He looks at me, not a thing He doesn't see. Yet covers all of my regrets just to prove His faithfulness." The lyrics hallow a contemplation that bewilders and complex human understanding of God's infinite grace and faithfulness. 
The cheery "Arise" speeds the album from its former softer tones into more vibrancy.
"Father of Mine" goes back to a reflective and meditative atmosphere. The album closes with Israel Houghton's "Your Presence is Heaven" in a finely and appropriate furbish. The singer's vocals heighten and console the listener.
Closing Thoughts:
The album aims at congregational worship, yet embedded with soft adult pop arrangements, sulky vocals, and successfully creates a holistic worship journey. The songs tend to remain at a soft speed with occasional mellow upbeats. Though not something completely new, the album is refreshing and well crafted. The record does got "deep" pursuing God's presence and reflects the endearing artist's passion.

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