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A Melting Pot of Greatness
Posted February 26, 2013
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Je'Kob Washington has an incredible work ethic. He has put out a few mixtapes, a Washington Projects remix album and 3 EPs in just a few years. Wow!

With his current release, Faith Hope Love, Je'Kob takes a few songs from each of EPs, titled Faith, Hope and Love. He also throws in some Eutopian mixes. If anyone knows Je'Kob, they know that he is not relegated to only hip-hop. He throws in electro, acoustic soul, pop, and rock in, too. 
Lead single "Love Is All" garnered much airplay and went up the CHR charts. Why? It is upbeat, catchy and takes inspiration from the "love chapter," 1 Corinthians 13. The Eutopian mix is more midtempo with only an acoustic guitar and bongos as the only music. This is enough to give the original a serious run for its money.

"In Your Hands" is a pop song of praise complete with airy vocals on the lead and an added autotune on the chorus. This song screamed, "tobyMac collabo," but it is still good, no doubt. Can you do a remix to this one Je'Kob? 
Speaking of collaborations, Je'Kob enlists the help of fellow emcee, Conscience and singer Nena Lockhart on the banger, "Make Me Over." Conscience smashes his bars and Je'Kob shows even more growth as a rapper. Lockheart's vocals are the icing on the cake. This is not a song about bragging, but a prayer of petition for God to change them.

"Tomorrow's sun will rise in the East / and it will set in the west / that we will know who we are / when we are put to the test," sings Je'Kob in the chorus of "The Test" feat. Deraj. 
Abortion, pornography, temptations are just a few issues that Je'Kob tackles over a pulsating drum patterns and guitar riffs with the jam, "Can't Have My Soul." December Keys guests on two standout songs of the album. One being the rock-tinged, "Let Go and Love" while they stress the power of bringing hope (the love of Jesus) on the musically adventurous, "Hope For Us Al." 
Get up and dance when listening to the high energy of "Don't Let Go" and "Boom Shaka Laka." They are fun and inspiring, which is great when offering hope to those who are longing for it. Je'Kob and his WP partner/sister, Rachel wonderfully asks God to consume their being on the ballad, "Burn Me Out."

Closing Thoughts:
This is a great "stew" or "jambalaya," or one of those words meaning a mixture of several elements to make one great meal. Again, this is just a representation of Je'Kob's musical taste and of course his prayer to exude, faith, hope and of course, love. This is one to be enjoyed by music lovers, youth, etc.  

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