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Third Day [Miracle]
Posted October 22, 2012
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Third Day had me at “Love Song,” the standout song from their debut album in 1996. I was seeking Christianity at the time and had just discovered my favorite band Jars Of Clay and couldn't get enough of Christian music, also including Audio Adrenaline and Newsboys. The 1990's were key in the development and influence on the Christian music scene and Third Day pioneered Christian Southern Rock. There comes a time in every artist's career where they need to re-imagine, re-invigorate, and dream it all over again. For Third Day, that time was in the fall of 2011. Their touring was never better, their album Move was successful, the fans were super-engaged, yet they felt it was time to shake things up. As they prepared to write and record their next album, Miracle, the band hired legendary producer Brendan O'Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, The Fray, Train) to help them forge a new sound. From the opening track, "Hit Me Like A Bomb," it is clear that Third Day means business when they say they want to bring something new to the table.  

Even though Wherever You AreRevelation and Move featured hit songs “Cry Out To Jesus,” “Call My Name,” “Revelation,” “Trust In Jesus” and “Children of God,” I've missed that complete album experience I experienced with Time“Hit Me Like A Bomb” and “Kicking And Screaming” start it off with great personal songs about praying for change and Mac Powell's vocals have never sounded better. The next set of songs are about pressing on in difficult times, “Your Love Is Like A River” and hit song “I Need A Miracle,” a likely Song of the Year nominee. For me, the other standout songs which make this a complete album are the next group of songs, which are about praying for hope for better times, “For The Rest of Your Life” and “The Victory.” Those songs are great examples of how this album is more diverse and original sounding than I've heard in a long time from this legendary band. Those looking for more vertical and prayerful songs can find them in “You Are My Everything,” “I Want To Believe In You” and “Forever Yours.”Those worshipful and personal songs are among the best songs on the album.

“I Need A Miracle” is my favorite song on the album. One of my favorite aspects of Third Day’s music is how they tend to have very spiritual lyrics.  This song declares boldly what it means to be a follower of Jesus and is a thesis statement of faith–-“And in your hour of desperation, Know you’re not the only one, praying Lord above, I need a miracle.” God wants to hear from us, and this song compels me to pray more fervently to my Savior. I resonate with the message and as a Christian who does understand the power of prayer, what people need to take away from this song is that we aren’t in control of circumstances under our human ability. The power of God can transcend our human understanding and power. We serve a God who is much bigger than our struggles. I get goose bumps when I listen to this amazing song and sing along at the top of my lungs. Closing songs “Time’s Running Out On Me” and “Morning Has Broken” close the album as strong as it starts with more declarations of faith and the importance of relying on Jesus for all of our strength.


Miracle is the Third Day album I've been waiting for since Time. I am amazed by this Third Day album. I'm so glad they went back to their roots. I became a “Gomer” with the southern gospel-rock and passion of songs like "Thief," "Love Song" and "Forever." If you are a long-time fan of Third Day, be very excited about Miracle. Here's your chance to learn what has made Third Day the premier rock band in all of Christian music. Every song is on this album is a guaranteed hit, especially “Hit Me Like A Bomb,” “Kicking And Screaming,” “For The Rest of Your Life,” “The Victory” and one of my selections for Song of the Year,“I Need A Miracle.” The music is catchy, every song rocks, and in my opinion this is the best overall album of Third Day’s distinguished career.

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