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Great album, diverse range of music
Posted August 02, 2012
By EpicDragon,

I picked up this album at a TFK concert and gave it a listen.  Thousand Foot Krutch is one of my newer favorite bands, and lead singer Trevor McNevan has an excellent voice, both intense and melodic.  After a computerized intro, the album kicks off with "We Are" and "Light Up the Sky".  Both of these tracks rock hard, and set the mood for the album.  "The End is Where We Begin" alludes to the band's name, a song about coming to the end of our own strength. "Let the Sparks Fly" is a very catchy song and one of the first singles I heard off this album.  Following up this track is the somewhat unconventional "I Get Wicked" and one of my favorite TFK songs, "Be Somebody".  Trevor's voice really shines through on this worshipful rock ballad with honest lyrics (When I could only see the floor, You made my window a door, so when they say they don't believe, I hope that they see You and me.)  This follows up with the epic intro "This Is a Warning" leading into the equally epic track, my favorite on the album, "Courtesy Call".  "War of Change" and the rap song "Down" are both energy-filled fight songs that keep the pace pumping.  "All I Need To Know" is a slower, melodic track and the string-infused "Fly on the Wall" took me some time to get into, but now I really enjoy this song.  The worshipful, intimate "So Far Gone" closes out the album.  Since I acquired The End Is Where We Begin, I've been listening to it every day.  It's great workout or pregame music, and arguably TFK's best.

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