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Thousand Foot Krutch "The End Is Where We Begin" Review
Posted July 07, 2012
By dreamingoutloud,

The Introduction- 4/5 I like the robot voice a lot. The music behind the intro is not too bad either. Great way to kick the album off

We Are- 5/5 This is basically where the album really starts to get going. The song has a great riff to it, although I heard the inspiration for the riff was from "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins because it was danceable and I don't see how the "Zero" riff is danceable? But anyways "We Are" is a great track

Light Up The Sky- 5/5 Favorite song off the whole record. I love the riff, and this is the first track on the album where we hear Trevor McNevan's rapping, he does a great job. Best song on the record, definatly check it out

The End Is Where We Begin- 4.5/5 Trevor does a great job on the vocals for the verses for this done, also the drum beat on the verses is good as well. Good song

Let The Sparks Fly- 5/5 This is the first single off the album, and a great choice. Trevor McNevan says he wanted this song to be like their hit "Fire It Up," and this song is like that. While the messages to these songs are kinda lost on me, this one seems to be about someone wanting to accept Christ, kinda seems like a conversation between a believer and non-believer

I Get Wicked- 4.5/5 Great song about how we should not let our kindness as believers become weakness. Not bad rapping from Trevor, nice lead guitar intro as well. Have to deduct 0.5 points off (big difference right? lol) because the sped up section of the song took a little bit to grow on me

Be Somebody- 5/5 Best slow song on the album. Very nice guitar line, along with stellar vocals from Trevor. It seems like on their slow songs he really shows he can sing. The song kinda goes by fast though

This Is A Warning- 3/5 Nice string intro into "Courtesy Call." Two points off because it's not much

Courtesy Call- 4/5 Pretty good song. Message is pretty lost on me, but the music isn't too bad on it

War Of Change- 5/5 Love this song!! I like how Trevor McNevan words the message "Change can be beautiful and painstaking, but rarely is it comfortable." Nice chorus, like the handclaps and stuff in the pre-chorus

Down- 3.5/5 Not the album's best, but not horrible by any means. 1.5 points off because the raps are the least favorites of mine on the album, I like the line "Rock it like Queen when I'm under pressure" though since I'm a huge classic rock fan. The song is about not giving up on your dreams

All I Need To Know- 5/5 At first listen this song took me by surprise, since it does not sound like normal TFK, but I thought they did a really good job on it. Nice vocal performance from Trevor. The song is about how God is there with us during trials

Fly On The Wall- 5/5 Great song, seems to be about not letting a liar decieve someone anymore. It's really cool how the strings are the main instrument on the verses, they really go well with the vocals. The chorus has the only real guitar in it, and Trevor does a good job on vocals

So Far Gone- 4/5 Total worship song. Again, this one caught me by surprise because it does not sound like TFK, but they did do a good job with it

The Outroduction- 3/5 Not too bad. Both the intro and outro really get the message of the album across, arguably more plainly than the songs.

This album is TFK's best, it was cool to hear them do some rock/rap stuff and expand their sound with some of the ballads. It's also very cool how the album keeps a faith-based message despite the secular audience this band has. 10/10 for the album

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Hillsong's Mike Guglielmucci | We Are Messengers 4th Album Coming | NEEDTOBREATHE Essentials

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