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Starfield [The Kingdom]
Posted January 25, 2012
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Newly independent worship band Starfield returns with ten new songs that are designed to stoke the fires of spiritual renewal in the listener. The Kingdom is a vital new addition to their body of worship work – and is about to make its way deep into the heart of the local church.  With the momentum of a prolific songwriting catalog behind them (“Rediscover You,” “Reign In Us,” “Filled With Your Glory”), and the path cut by a visionary new project ahead of them, Starfield is securing its place among the most thoughtful and forward-thinking worship artists of our day. The Kingdom project reveals the wonder and the wandering so common to the human experience – and so central to Starfield’s writing.

The album kicks off with Starfield’s most rocking track to date, the ultra-catchy “Natural Disaster,” which has a rock edge like the band’s previous rock songs “My Generation” and “I Will Go.” In “Natural Disaster” we are led to see what we can become when disconnected from a relationship with God—“I’m the Raging Sea, I’m the bending trees, an unstoppable force with a wake of debris; I’m the wind and the rain, the loss and the pain, without You – I’m a natural disaster.” After that opening track, I knew I was in for a treat with a welcome return from one of my all-time favorite bands. “Burn For You” ushers in an exciting new indie-rock band sound including gang vocals resembling Arcade Fire, without sacrificing the vertical and personal lyrics I’ve come to expect from this stellar alternative rock band. I get swept up in the confession which reflects the cry of my heart with lyrics that connect to my life verse Isaiah 6:8…”Here I am, send me”—“Could You use this faith in Your master plan? If You can, here I am, I’ll burn with love and desire…I’ll burn for You.” Accessible new worship anthems like “The Kingdom,” “Heart and Flesh” and the disarming “Just Surrender” will provide today’s worship leaders with effective, devotionally rich tools to share with their congregations. Just like The City Harmonic’s hit song “Manifesto,” “The Kingdom” is the type of song I wish I was singing at my church right now. The song boldly declares a statement of faith: “we have come to testify, God is surely great, love is like a river wide, let everyone beneath His skies, lift their voice and sing, for the Kingdom of our God carries on, carries on, carries on. His Kingdom is inside of you, it’s everywhere you are.” Amen to that! This worship anthem is just the type of infusion that the church needs with its honesty and bold lyrics. I get totally swept up by the bridge, “everybody sing Hallelujah!!”

“Just Surrender” is sung from God’s perspective and provides comfort like hit song “Someone Worth Dying For” by MIKESCHAIR with the touching lyrics: “lay down your defenses, you can trust in Me, I can heal your heart, I can comfort you, don’t resist My Love, just surrender…” “Heart and Flesh” is a great depiction of ‘better is one day in Your courts,’ as Tim passionately declares “my heart and flesh cry out.” “All I Want Is You” is a wonderful Brit-Rock tinged alt-rock worship song, with a super-hooky guitar riff and engaging lyrics reflecting the autobiographical status of the band, “I don’t want fake, I just can’t take it anymore, I won’t be satisfied until You’re by my side, All I want is You...” “Innocence (And Other Things Lost)” insightfully explores what it means to be a soul in process with these poignant lyrics: “Things once certain, I no longer trust, my sure foundations have crumbled to dust; and I would scale the highest height, or search the depths to find – the path to innocence and wonder.” Starfield has found their musical identity and all ten songs entertain and challenge me to walk closer with God. This album displays plenty of Brit-Rock style rockers similar to Delirious?, Hillsong UNITED and The City Harmonic, closing as strong as it starts with the reflective worship ballads, “Speak Now Jesus” and “Light of the World,” which are responses to the Truths proclaimed throughout the album. “Light of the World” boldly proclaims: “wave the flag and join the fight, a revolution is at hand, let us learn to love our fellow man, maybe we’ll find that the light of the world will shine through the depths of the darkest night, and the captives will be set free, that the light of the world will shine through us.” Amen.

Starfield's catalog of albums has managed to get deeper and more challenging with each release, connecting with me personally and captivating me musically. The Kingdom is now my top overall album by Starfield, loaded with sing-able and meaningful songs for the Church. There are several standout songs, “Natural Disaster,” “Burn For You” “Heart and Flesh,” “Just Surrender,” “Innocence (And Other Things Lost),” “Light of the World”  and “The Kingdom,” which is now one of my all time favorite worship songs and my new favorite anthem by Starfield. What’s most impressive is how these catchy songs will have you singing along at the top of your lungs after just a couple of listens. I think Starfield has a great opportunity to reach the lost for the Kingdom of God with their transparent lyrics and incredible musical talent. This album completely rocks and is loaded with songs you can proudly share with your friends and family. The themes of this album are trusting God, loving Him and loving others as He loved us. This band has always had a knack for hitting me where I am spiritually, and this album is their crowning achievement. Every single song will have you singing along in praise and worship to our Savior. Don’t miss out on The Kingdom by Starfield, a stellar five star worship album.

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