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Kind of like Home videos...
Posted August 09, 2007
By MJchick,

I really like this cd. It has only like 6 songs-2 of which are different versions of "Pressing On". the music's good but the lyrics are kinda dumb. But that's kind of why I like it. I love Relient K's recent 2 albums a bunch and listening to this one is like, well kind of when you watch home videos of when you were young,foolish,innocent and unaware of how childish your acting. But thats what makes the videos fun! Because of course you know how much you've grown and matured since then. Same with this album. (except for I was cute when I was little and Matt T. wasn't)
If you listen to the last song "Pressing On" you'll find it a bit strange, it sounds like they recorded the song outside and then when the song finishes you can hear a lawn mower go on for what seems like another 20 minutes. But they're wierd like that. (which is a good thing). and the song Operation is so pathetic you just have to laugh.
But anyway, the album is good if your a true Relient K band...otherwise you'll probably think it's stupid (kind of like if you show a friend your homevideos and they don't ever seem to see what's so funny about your lisping)

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