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The Problem With Special Editions
Posted August 08, 2007
By art10,

Alright, I loved the regular edition, but didn't own it. So this comes out, and I pay seven bucks for three more songs that what I would have gotten. I wish I would have gotten the regular edition. Because this is a pathetic excuse for a special edition, in fact, it's just plain lazy.

You get three "New" songs, I had high hopes for "We Exalt Thee". Kutless just got lazy on it. It could have been so much more, it could have been a great worship moment. What do you get instead? Awkwardness. I thought "My Savior, My God" was a cover of Aaron Shust's hit. It isn't, I don't know where it came from, but it's very poorly done. The singing is bad, and the retention of the song is a little under two seconds, but not much less. The last song? The live version of "Strong Tower" that was from the live CD, which Kutless fans already have.

Overall, a useless, pathetic, lazy excuse for a special edition. Get the regular edition, because this is just plain embarrasing.

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