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Some things never change
Posted February 14, 2010
By game_maniac05,

Stellar Kart has been a driving force in the christian rock industry ever since their debut album "All Gas. No Brake." in 2005. Their debut album actually had a cover of the famous song "Livin' On A Prayer" by of course Bon Jovi. In my opinion that cover was just awful compared to the original and so I was a little skeptical when I heard that their newest album contained a lot of covers. I'm glad to say that I was wrong.

Stellar Kart is known for their pop/rock tunes of hits such as "Finish Last", "Me And Jesus", "Innocent", and "Hold On". The new album, titled "Everything Is Different Now", keeps one thing the same. The pop/rock styling of SK that makes them so famous.

Just a little background story of the album for you, SK played at some summer camps and led praise and worship for the happy campers. They realized how much they loved to be able to lead people closer to Christ with the classic worship songs we all know from our youth groups. This was the beginning of "Everything Is Different Now".

Starting with the original song, "All My Heart", Stellar Kart felt different. It had me awestruck to hear these guys sing such an amazing worship song. It wasn't the SK I was used to and I liked it. The lyrics were just honest and reminded me of "How Great Is Our God" just more pop/rock-ish. But overall it contained the everlasting message that Jesus is just amazing and we are to worship our Saviour. I could just picture singing this song with my youth group! I was skeptical about "We Shine" because of how Stellar Kart butchered "Livin' On A Prayer", imo, but it was so natural and just so SK. When these guys sing worship songs, they do it with such honesty and devotion that you can't help but be moved. The title track of the album is definitely my favourite song. The lyrics ring true to me. When Jesus came into my life He truly changed everything in my life. "Only One", a Yellowcard cover, is just done beautifully with the brilliant guitar arrangement throughout the chorus and the synth during the verses. "You Never Let Go" is one of my favourite worship songs to sing with my youth group and so when I heard Stellar Kart was doing a cover of it, I couldn't help but be excited. I really love it when rock bands do covers of worship songs because it's something different and helps teens in their journey with Christ. The acoustic guitar sounds so beautiful opening the song. The electric guitar doesn't take away from the message that the song delivers proving worship songs don't need to be always Chris Tomlin, or Michael W. Smith like. Overall the album is a great success. Although it is very different then previous SK albums, I think that's what they meant to go for.

Stellar Kart has made many changes from their "Expect the Impossible" album to this new album, including changing record companies, losing their awesome guitarist Cody and gaining a new one, and changing their song content to be more worship song like. I wouldn't write them off as a worship band now because this is just one album but it seems as though they might be heading that way and I like it. Stellar Kart is one of those bands who do mention Jesus and God much more than the likes of Relient K and Skillet. Just take a look at their hit songs "Finish Last", "Me and Jesus", "Jesus Loves You", and "Second Chances". I love that they just bluntly mention how awesome Jesus is and how he works in our lives and still make the song fun enough to dance to. I hope that they make a few more albums like this because when SK plays worship songs it's like a whole different band. It's refreshingly different and I think it's a change for the better. This is definitely a highlight album of 2010! Keep up the great work Stellar Kart!

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