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Posted December 01, 2009
By jtindie,

Artist: Todd Agnew
CD Title: Need
Style: Acoustic Worship
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

1. Joy Unspeakable
2. Written on the Wall
3. I need no Other
4. Give Me Jesus
5. High Ground
6. Tell Me the Story
7. Did you mean Me?
8. Gloria
9. The Love of God
10. Breakable
11. Deep Love of Jesus
12. Jesus the Hope of Glory
13. Way of the Cross (Bonus Track)
14. All the World (Bonus Track)
15. All that I have (Bonus Track)
16. Joy Unspeakable (Live Acoustic – Bonus track)

There is no question that I have been waiting for this CD since back in July when I Interviewed Todd Agnew and heard a bit about the CD. The other day I finally downloaded the album from I-Tunes (Yes I purchased it with my own money) After taking some time to listen to the CD over the past few days I can happily state that Todd Agnew’s Music just keeps getting better with each project he puts out. “God doesn’t need me to do anything, the Sunday school answer is still the answer and Jesus is all I need.” Todd states on the Video that comes with the album Download in I-Tunes.

Something unexpected happened while I listened to the CD. After a few times through I found that the idea of the music and the songs began to fade and I was left face to face with with the message. If you have never listened to Todd Agnew let me just say that His songs are messages. With each song I had another message driven home. I am reminded of Rich Mullins, Keith Green and Michael Card in the way that this CD strips me bare of self righteousness and self deception, and shows me the truth that I need know only Christ and Christ Crucified.

I know I usually prefer music that is a bit rockier (Skillet, TFK, Flyleaf) and that this Cd has none of the rocking testosterone of the other bands I know that there are people who arent going to like this CD just because of the style. “Need” is a gathering of laid back songs that make no claim other than “Your Sunday School Teacher was right.” As I re-read the interview I did with Todd last July I can’t help but notice just honest and passionate He is, and with songs like “Tell Me a Story”

Tell of the cross where they nailed Him
Writhing in anguish and pain
Tell of the grave where they laid Him
And how He’s living again

Tell me the story of Jesus
Write on my heart every Word
Tell me the Story so Precious
Sweetest that I ever heard

“Did you mean Me?”

But you said that all sins can be forgiven,
But when you said that, did you mean me?
Did you mean me?

You said that we could be more like you,
But did you know what I’d do? How I’d fall so short?
And you said confession leads to healing,
Do you see I’m here and kneeling, and I’m still not well?

Just to reference a few songs and an entire CD of songs like these is it any wonder that I find myself thinking less about Todd Agnew and More about the Christ that Saves us. I feel safe in saying that everyone can find something on this Cd that challenges them. I don’t mean challenge in that make yourself better, but instead in the drawing you nearer to Jesus that Calls us his friend, the Jesus that calls us out to walk on the water and to cling to him. Im giving this CD a 4.0 out of 5.0 and I am going to end this with a quote from Todd’s Song “Breakable”

You are glorious, infinite, and wise,
You are mighty, holy, there is none beside you,
But to save me from my brokenness you became breakable.

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