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haha- CHurch music- let me laugh
Posted August 22, 2009
By justink,

My main problem with this album is the repetiviness of it- the music is so repetitive that it gets annoying. and then on some of the songs vocally/lyrically he repeats so much of the same thing that it's easy to think that this is all you are going to listen to- to me, it shows a lack of creativity- a lack of something to say.

Another thing I don't like about this album is the over abundance of techno influences- it's too much. I know that DCB has always had some techno beats/flourishes- this album is just too much

The following is my initial reactions hearing the songs for the first time:

All Around Me is the FLYLEAF cover- The beginning is like one of those cheezy string quartet knock offs (musically)- vocally I don't like it- they slowed it way down. It never goes anywhere musically. Never builds into a rousing song- just a debbie downer.

Shine was another mediocre song- good lyrics- but musically it was blah.

Phos Hilron is ok- it's short and experimental

Oh Happiness techno vibe- sounds like a Coke commericial meets the Patridge family.

God Almighty- cool guitar work in the beginning. sounds like their trying alittle too hard to have that "epic" closing song.

Birmingham ok... i'm really beginning to not like this album- sounds like mutemath sucked on a helium baloon

Dance- finally a cool tune. Very dance hall-ish. then throw in some 70s vocals saying Dance... over and over. ok lost me on the chorus- very cheap lyrics. think family force five for 40 year olds- i'm alittle sad- at this point

We are Loved - this song reminds me of "Can you Feel it?" off of REMEDY. not much difference (musically) from those two songs

The Veil - i don't really like all the saws/leads used in these songs. This is a better song- different- so i'm not sure if it equates better- i'm on the fence. very techno-dance hall

Can I lie? i like this song. it's what I like from DCB- alit?tle too repetitive for my taste

In the end it's ok- caught myself thinking- why is this still playing?

the Nearness a classic DCB song- the woman's moaning/groaning in it is annoying.

Eastern Hymn somebody was up late with a Yamaha s90 keyboard and recorded it and put it on this album. I actually kind of like it- nothing to right home about

the light and the shadows - a good song.

I'm really kind of disappointed with this album- there's not really a song that stands out besides "Alleluia Sing" - which is the highlight of the album.

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