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We all feel the flame when listening to this
Posted July 14, 2009
By joshyno,

Thousand Foot Krutch has really created an amazing set of songs in The Flame in All of Us. This album brings out the best in TFK. We once again encounter the whisper-like rap combined with heavy riffs in songs like "My Own Enemy" and "Inhuman". They present their melodic and lyrical genius in the hits "New Drug", "Falls Apart" and "The Flame in All of Us." TFK's soft side is also seen in the tender, melodious tracks "My Home" and "Wish You Well."
Overall, this is a great album--the greatest project we have seen from TFK yet. All of the songs reflect deep emotion and express their relationship with God. Thousand Foot Krutch accomplishes an amazing and noteworthy feat: they present an amazing message without toning down the music. This album receives a 4.5 from me because I do not find "The Last Song" very plesant. Otherwise it would've gotten 5 stars. This is still an excellent album and a good choice to any rock-lover. RAWK ON!!

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