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Breath Of Fresh Air
Posted May 25, 2009
By liquidsunshine,

Kari Jobe's new CD "I'm Singing" is a must buy. Her debut cd is truly a breath of fresh air. It is certainly a nice break from the whole "hillsong" sound that is being played at practically any church one attends. I for sure give it 5 stars on originality.

"I'm Singing" is a soft pop/easy listening genre, which is what Ms. Jobe has been singing since her days at CFNI. Ms. Jobe certainly deserves two thumbs up for staying true to her style of worship and for not compromising to sound like someone else.

Practically every song in this cd can be used and sung during the transitional, worship, altar, or prayer part of service. It ministers to the heart and spirit and uplifts. These are very intimate songs straight from the heart of Kari unto the Lord. Again, this cd is a must buy.

As far as the Spanish version of "I'm Singing", the translations are very well done. The problem with translating a song from one language to another ususally results with the loss of the message or essence the song was trying to portray in the first place. However, with "Le Canto" the spanish translations are smooth, understandable, they make sense, and most important, they do not lose their essense. Nevertheless, the I was disappointed with the Spanish verison of "Healer". The Spanish version of "healer" seems like there was not too much careful thought or planning on how to make the song flow properly. The song seems jumbled and awkard in Spanish. Other than "Healer" the rest of the songs are great.

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