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Summer's Best Album
Posted May 22, 2009
By tobyMacrazed,

For those of you with A.D.D,. I'll make this review short and simple. If you disliked the original Dance Or Die album, you'll hate this. If you liked Dance Or Die, you will probably love this.

I'll explain it for those of you with longer attention spans. But I should probably tell you that I may just be a tad biased in a couple different ways.

First, I am now officially a fan of Family Force 5. I actually met them at a music festival before they were famous, but I missed their show. I later heard their song "Love Addict" without even realizing it was them. I then heard their first album Business Up Front/Party In The Back. I thought they had some potential and it would be worth to keep an eye on them. Dance Or Die came out and I started to really enjoy them. Dance Or Die With A Vengeance hit the streets, and I consider myself a fan.

Second, I like remixes. Well, I like good remixes. I'm inclined to enjoy dance/techno/trance/hip-hop/club type music, and remixes tend to accomplish that. People like tobyMac have come out with remix albums and they're all very hit-and-miss. Some are good. Some are not.

DODWAV is good.

I like the fact that they went through and remixed the entire album, song for song. Because of the usual nature of remixes, this album is even more dance oriented than the original album. Because of my own personal music taste, I actually might enjoy DODWAV more than DOD. It's definitely well made. It's definitely fun. It's definitely worth the buy.

They brought in people from bands such as 3OH!3, Cobra Starship, The Secret Handshake, and even David Crowder Band. But maybe my favorite song mixed by someone not in the band would be "Wake The Dead" made by Solomon "Soul Glow Activator" Olds' own wife, Lauren Olds. Some songs are definitely better than others, but most are consistently good. I would even consider others excellent.

All that being said, my absolute favorite part of the album is the new track "Ghostride The Whip." It's simply a fun song. Not anything spiritual about it, just a track that you can move to. It's pretty much a rap track, maybe even "gangster" rap if you wanted to call it that. It's something I've never heard from FF5 before. I love it. If they marketed it correctly, I honestly believe it could quickly become a hit on the radio. Though I adore the track, it's fun to listen to, sing along with, and sometimes even causes me to bust a move, I wouldn't want the band to go that direction. It's great to have them give us a little variety in the music, but I just hope they continue in their unique crunk rock style.

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