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Introducing Kari Jobe
Posted March 15, 2009
By singersmartguy17,

One would never think such sweet, tender vocals would be behind a female worship leader. Then there was Kari Jobe. Although Jobe has a worshipful background, her debut is more of an AC album. Don't get me wrong...the songs sure are worshipful, but it's more of a CD you would turn on while sitting on your back porch on a summer day to relax. Kari's style of worship is more of an almost easy listening genre, instead of the normal congregational worship.

"Kari Jobe" is a huge breath of fresh air in the crowded genre of worship music. Her soft, lite pop style may not perfect for everyone, but it's one of those albums you have to be in the mood for, if you catch my drift. I have found myself listening to it while walking. It's especially refreshing for me on the warmer days we've had this year already.

Although the album may seem to become a bit monotonous toward the middle, since you can only go so far with soft pop music, for me it was a nice, fresh album. Let's face it, I'm just not really a fan of slow music. I like upbeat music that gets your blood pumping. But this is a nice relaxation CD.

The songs may sound too alike to pinpoint a lot of highlights, but it does have some. The first song, "I'm Singing," is about as upbeat as this album gets. The gorgeous "Beautiful" and "My Beloved" are also highlights. And although there was the whole controversy behind Hillsong's "Healer," it's still a great song whether Michael what's-his-face was proved a scam. It may have been written and performed with the wrong mindset, but no need to put such a beautiful song to waste when someone else could sing it with a genuine heart of praise---which is exactly what Kari does.

Though this album may not suit everyone's musical fancy, Jobe's debut breathes a certain new life into worship music that hasn't been heard in a while. This is definitely one to watch...

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