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Who Will Speak for animals?
Posted April 15, 2009
By Nathan,

Since And Then There Were None is a relatively new band here are three fun facts about one of Tooth and Nail’s latest artist: 1. the band was once a heavy rock band before converting to techno/dance/pop. 2. They are vegetarians and, as a band, are very vocal about the ‘wrongs’ of killing animals for-gasp!-food! 3. They also are kicking off their musical career with their finely tuned debut Who Speaks for Planet Earth.

For those who heard Code of Ethics CD, Lost in Egypt (which released three weeks before And Then There Were None’s disc), and wanted something more energetic and creative well this is certainly their album. Representing the album’s whole sound is “John Orr the Arsonist” which quickly jumps into a fast paced techno pop/rock tune with plenty of synth and continues throughout the entire song with some sprinkles of punk to help the extremely catchy song. The first half of the CD is strong all the way with the muffled vocals and artistic background music on “Action Is The Anecdote”, the smart use with the piano to help the melancholy sound on “the atmosphere”, and “cloak and dagger” which sports an intense techno sound with an alternative influence.

Although the overall strength of the music is great, the changes made to make the second half of the eleven track CD diverse wasn’t as crisp. The different vocals are distracting and prevent the alterative leaning techno “the Alamo” from becoming an epic it was probably supposed to be. The negative change that encased “right here waiting” is that there was no change as it faded simply to a fun techno punk song and the light sound of “bed of nails” is pretty weak. But the overall potency is high with “insozzz...” and "Reinventing Robert Cohn", wa hich is a tremendously catchy and explosive as it represents the pinnacle of the album and probably where the band will go: more emo rock influenced techo, punk rock and.

The record label held a contest that challenged fans to send the exact lyrics of "Reinventing Robert Cohn" back to Tooth and Nail. Meaning that their electronic music was so fast paced that it’s difficult to pick up what the band is saying much less understand the messages. It would be nice to say “the hospital” means Christ with ‘just ‘say you will take me/and I’ll be happy’ but it’s unlikely when the songs constantly talk about ‘she’. The tale of John Orr’s life as an arsonist, while posing to be a heroic firefighter is detailed in “John Orr the Arsonist” and shares the message of the destruction of pride.

Who will speak for planet earth? Good question, but a better one might be what does the word ‘Earth’ represent? The sinful people of this planet or a planet we must save from global warming and the animal life who are ‘disgustingly’ killed. What the band is passionate about doesn’t really amount up to God and neither do their lyrics. So will fans flock to the infectious techno dance beats and fluff of Who Will Speak for Planet Earth, or will fans simply replay the less-exciting Eleventyseven’s Galactic Conquest over again for the wholesome lyrics.

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