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Randall Goodgame's "Bluebird EP": A Review
Posted November 25, 2008
By ChristianManifesto,

by C.E. Moore

If you listen to contemporary Christian music, especially Caedmon’s Call, then you’ve very likely heard Randall Goodgame’s work before. And if I had to pick a sound most akin to Goodgame’s “Bluebird EP”, Caedmon’s Call or Andy Gullahorn would immediately come to mind. Or maybe the soundtrack to Juno.

First things first, I love this EP. It’s simple, yet intricate; light, yet robust. It’s the kind of music I know I can put on repeat and not grow tired of it. It is as once relaxing and challenging. Goodgame’s EP is definitely the work of a man who knows his way around a recording studio, but also denotes the talent of person with his ear to the rhythms of the earth.

Title track “Bluebird” starts the project with light acoustic strumming and will likely conjure pictures of riding a Schwinn bicycle down a long country road, a fishing rod hanging over your shoulder and a tackle box rattling around in the bike’s basket. It’s the kind of music you listen to on a lazy summer day. Its just good stuff. “All The Years” features Goodgame at a piano, warbling his way through the track. And when Goodgame sings “take me away…” we are taken away with him. “Heaven Waits” continues the trend and has more of an orchestral feel to it. “Reverie” is more of Goodgame doing what listeners have come to know him for, more upbeat, popish crooning. However, with the overall folkish feel of the EP, it was the one track that seemed out of place. “California” is the best track on the album. The blending of Goodgame’s lyricism-meets-storyteller are at their best (California! California!/We’ll drive across America/Leaving everything behind/California! California!/Seeking fortune in unfortunate times!) Marry that to the fact that his voice simply dances with the instruments and you’ve got a total winner. “Jubilee” closes out the album on a fun, jazzy note. The gospel arrangement brings back more memories than I can even communicate.

Randall Goodgame is one of those rare gems of an artist who will likely be more appreciated behind-the-scenes than he will offering up his own interpretations of his songs. That is simply a shame, because it is always a good thing to hear the lyrics and music of a talented artist who can hold his own. You owe it to yourself to pick up the “Bluebird EP.” Fans of introspective artists like Chris Rice, Shawn McDonald, and Mark Schultz will enjoy this project.

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