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A Silent Pursuit,  by Lynette Eason A Silent Pursuit
by Lynette Eason | Genre: Fiction
DEVASTATING LIE. She'd been told her fiance died in a military training accident, but Gina Santino's gut told her otherwise. Still, she never imagined his killers would come after her. Now she is dodging bullets and running for her own life, not sure ...
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A Still, Small Voice,  by Kim O'Brien A Still, Small Voice
by Kim O'Brien | Genre: Fiction
Realtor Jamie King had it all, but with the real estate market crash she’s losing it. Grayson Westler won’t sell his struggling ski resort. Having ejected Jamie from his office, he’s shocked to find her stranded in his parking lot, out of financial options. ...
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Cornhusker Dreams (Romancing America: Nebraska),  by Cara Putman Cornhusker Dreams (Romancing America: Nebraska)
by Cara Putman | Genre: Fiction
Relive the glory days of WWII on the Nebraska home front and watch as dreams come full circle. Audrey and Willard work together through their war torn grief. Lainie and Tom try to build new goals for making a difference in the war effort. Anna and Sid ...
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Curse of the Spider King, The Berinfell Prophecies Series - Book One by Christopher Hopper Curse of the Spider King
by Christopher Hopper | Genre: Fiction
The Seven succeeding Elven Lords of Allyra were dead, lost in the Siege of Berinfell as babes. At least that's what everyone thought until tremors from a distant world known as Earth, revealed strange signs that Elven blood lived among its peoples. With ...
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Daily Splashes of Joy, 365 Gems to Sparkle Your Day by Barbara Johnson Daily Splashes of Joy
by Barbara Johnson | Genre: Christian Living
Open this book each morning, and let the "Queen of Encouragement" splash your day with joy. Acclaimed encourager Barbara Johnson has survived tragic adversity to become a merry missionary of mirth to those who need a little laughter in their lives―that ...
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Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die (*Revised & Updated),  by David Crowder Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die (*Revised & Updated)
by David Crowder | Genre: Christian Living
In this unique and engaging book, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die, musicians David Crowder and Mike Hogan remind readers that a life lived to the fullest inevitably includes pain and grief. Even more, that kind of life requires ...
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Fame Is Infamy,  by Andrew Schwab Fame Is Infamy
by Andrew Schwab | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
Ours is a generation defined by a desperate search – for acknowledgement, self-esteem and ultimately...purpose. In a time dominated by reality television, social networks, and do-it-yourself celebrity the world promises that the solution to our desperation ...
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Find It Fast in the Bible: A Quick Topical Reference,  by Ron Rhodes Find It Fast in the Bible: A Quick Topical Reference
by Ron Rhodes | Genre: Bible Reference
Innovative. Comprehensive. Easy to use. Find It Fast in the Bible is a quick reference that lives up to its name! This time-saving guide to Scripture includes the key concept in each Scripture referenced. Readers don’t have to look up ten Scriptures before ...
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Ford County,  by John Grisham Ford County
by John Grisham | Genre: Fiction
In his first collection of short stories John Grisham takes us back to Ford County, Mississippi, the setting of his first novel, A Time to Kill. Wheelchair-bound Inez Graney and her two older sons, Leon and Butch, take a bizarre road trip through the ...
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Give This Christmas Away, 101 Simple & Thoughtful Ways by Matthew West Give This Christmas Away
by Matthew West | Genre: Devotions
“What if December looked different this year?” Featured on the new Veggie Tales Christmas DVD (Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving), the forthcoming single “Give This Christmas Away” is a duet between Matthew West and Amy Grant destined to become ...
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Go Into The House,  by Rodney Winters Go Into The House
by Rodney Winters | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
Go Into The House relates Rodney's story of disappointment from a failed marriage and divorce process to the older brother in the biblical story of the prodigal son. This brother is often portrayed negatively, but this book offers a different perspective ...
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How to Win over Worry, Positive Steps to Anxiety-Free Living by John Edmund Haggai How to Win over Worry
by John Edmund Haggai | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
For 50 years people have turned to John Edmund Haggai’s How to Win over Worry for practical answers and solutions. Now this classic bestseller on conquering worry (over 2 million in print in numerous languages) has been newly revised and updated for the ...
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Humor Me, I'm Your Mother,  by Barbara Johnson Humor Me, I'm Your Mother
by Barbara Johnson | Genre: Womens Interest
Laugh your way through the joyful misadventures of motherhood. The Queen of Encouragement is back and this time her joy box―or is it a laundry basket?―is spilling over with giggles and guffaws that will warm the heart and tickle the funny ...
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I'm So Sure, The Charmed Life Series #2 by Jenny B. Jones I'm So Sure
by Jenny B. Jones | Genre: Teens
Bella Kirkwood is finally situated in her new hometown, but she's not ready for the whirlwind of randomness that takes place next. When her stepdad enters a new wrestling reality show, Bella is pulled along for the ride as her life goes on display for ...
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It's Your Time, Activate Your Faith, Achieve Your Dreams, and Increase in God's Favor by Joel Osteen It's Your Time
by Joel Osteen | Genre: Charismatic Interest
Get your hopes up. Raise your expectations. Your best days are in front of you. In challenging times, it may be hard to see better days ahead. You may feel as though your struggles will never end, that things won't ever turn around for you. This ...
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Laughter from Heaven,  by Barbara Johnson Laughter from Heaven
by Barbara Johnson | Genre: Womens Interest
Laughter from Heaven is a joyful reminder of the wonderful life awaiting us in heaven. With her humorous approach to all life's circumstances, Barbara wants her readers to catch a light-hearted look at the hereafter. Filled with hope and encouragement, ...
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Life After Death: The Evidence,  by Dinesh D'Souza Life After Death: The Evidence
by Dinesh D'Souza | Genre: Christian Living
Unlike many books about the afterlife, Life after Death makes no appeal to religious faith, divine revelation, or sacred texts. Drawing on some of the most powerful theories and trends in physics, evolutionary biology, science, philosophy, and psychology, ...
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Nevada,  by Joshua S. Porter Nevada
by Joshua S. Porter | Genre: Fiction
When strange animals long thought to be extinct surface in the Mojave Desert, the world assumes a common fascination. One shocking discovery leads to another as the animals prove to be intelligent, charismatic creatures with sinister motives. A husband ...
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One Minute a Day,  by David Jeremiah One Minute a Day
by David Jeremiah | Genre: Devotions
One Minute a Day is a quick shot of spiritual espresso, an energy boost for your soul, with 100 one-minute devotions about what's really important. Take a minute with New York Times best-selling author David Jeremiah to rediscover God's grace, hope, and ...
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QuickNotes Dictionary of Bible Names (QuickNotes Commentaries),  by Pamela L. McQuade QuickNotes Dictionary of Bible Names (QuickNotes Commentaries)
by Pamela L. McQuade | Genre: Bible Study
Get more from your personal Bible time by understanding the meaning and story behind some 2,000 Bible names. Covering more than 3,400 individuals in scripture, the Dictionary of Bible Names describes the number of times each name is mentioned, the number ...
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Self Improvement 101,  by John Maxwell Self Improvement 101
by John Maxwell | Genre: Business and Finance
The best leaders know that success is about more than winning-it's about improving and developing. Self-Improvement 101 shares best-selling author John C. Maxwell's tips, tactics, and inspiration that compel leaders to reach ever higher levels. Drawing ...
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Shades Of Blue,  by Karen Kingsbury Shades Of Blue
by Karen Kingsbury | Genre: Fiction
Brad Cutler, twenty-eight, is a rising star at his New York ad agency, about to marry the girl of his dreams. Anyone would agree he has it all … a great career, a beautiful and loving fiancée, and a fairy tale life ahead of him—when memories of a high ...
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Sisters of Holmes County,  by Wanda E. Brunstetter Sisters of Holmes County
by Wanda E. Brunstetter | Genre: Fiction
Enjoy the pleasure of owning the complete Sisters of Holmes County series all under one cover. Be able to follow the Hostettler family’s mysterious struggle against an unseen enemy from start to finish. Along the way, watch as love triumphs out of tragedy ...
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Sola Scriptura: The Protestant Position on the Bible,  by Dr. R.C Sproul Sola Scriptura: The Protestant Position on the Bible
by Dr. R.C Sproul | Genre: Theology
Sola Scriptura, the formal principle of the Protestant Reformation, is essential to genuine Christianity, for it declares that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the church's only rule of faith and practice. Yet this doctrine is under assault today ...
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Teamwork 101,  by John Maxwell Teamwork 101
by John Maxwell | Genre: Business and Finance
For every leader who has ever wondered what level of excellence their team could achieve, Teamwork 101 lays out a plan packed with insight to get them there. John C. Maxwell believes that "teamwork is at the heart of great achievement. The question ...
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The Greatest Stories Ever Told, Vol 3,  by Greg Laurie The Greatest Stories Ever Told, Vol 3
by Greg Laurie | Genre: Christian Living
So-called 'reality' TV claims to serve up a slice of authentic life to viewers...real people in real situations reacting in real ways. But it doesn't even come close to the intrigue and sheer drama of the true-life stories that leap from the pages of ...
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The House is Quiet, Now What? (Turning Points),  by Janice Hanna The House is Quiet, Now What? (Turning Points)
by Janice Hanna | Genre: Christian Living
Wondering what to do now that the kids have flown the coop? Look no further than Turning Points for Empty Nesters, wherein answers to the questions and challenges now facing you reside. Fuel-for-the-journey chapters address issues such as redefining and ...
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The Joy Journal,  by Barbara Johnson The Joy Journal
by Barbara Johnson | Genre: Christian Living
Created by best-selling humorist Barbara Johnson, this is the place to put your own thoughts of hope, gladness, and love—with Barbara's zany bits of joy, laughter and survival tips to inspire you along the way.
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The Mystery of the Holy Spirit,  by Dr. R.C Sproul The Mystery of the Holy Spirit
by Dr. R.C Sproul | Genre: Christian Living
Who is the Holy Spirit? How can we know he's working in us? Drawing on biblical and theological resources, Sproul looks at the Spirit's role in creation and re-creation---our salvation and sanctification; and considers perplexing issues such as the doctrine ...
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The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book, 101 of Chuck's Favorite Facts and Stories by Chuck Norris The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book
by Chuck Norris | Genre: Biography
Hundreds of thousands of humorous Chuck Norris facts have been published, traveled around the globe via the Internet, and gained an international audience of millions. Chuck Norris facts are a quirky, extremely popular Internet phenomenon that has entertained ...
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The Tallest of Smalls,  by Max Lucado The Tallest of Smalls
by Max Lucado | Genre: Christian Living
A delightful rhyming story about the Too-Smalls who live in the Stiltsville. Every evening a six, the Too-Smalls meet in the square where they hope they'll be picked to receive stilts to strut about above the stilt-less masses below. They come to see ...
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When Heaven Comes Down: Experiencing God's Glory in Your Life,  by Che Ahn When Heaven Comes Down: Experiencing God's Glory in Your Life
by Che Ahn | Genre: Christian Living
"If we want to know God personally, to relate to him intimately," says international evangelist Che Ahn, "we must be prepared to receive and experience his glory." Born out of his personal experiences with numerous revival movements around the world, ...
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Who Switched Off My Brain?: Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions,  by Caroline Leaf Who Switched Off My Brain?: Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions
by Caroline Leaf | Genre: Christian Living
Do you ever feel like your brain has just been "switched off"? Have you ever felt discouraged, unfocused or overwhelmed? Are there unhealthy patterns in your life or your family that you just can't seem to break? A thought may seem harmless, but if it ...
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