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At The Crossroads, Inside the Past, Present, and Future of Contemporary Christian Music by Charlie Peacock At The Crossroads
by Charlie Peacock | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
After more than two decades as a performer, writer, and producer, no one offers a more honest, pastoral critique of contemporary Christian music (CCM) than Charlie Peacock. In At the Crossroads, Peacock traces the history of CCM and considers its future. ...
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Como Explorar La Biblia,  by Stephen M. Miller Como Explorar La Biblia
by Stephen M. Miller | Genre: Bible Reference
En una cultura controlada por los medios de comunicacion, ?Como presentar la Biblia a aquellos que estan acostumbrados a las peliculas, las revistas y a los periodicos? Muy sencillo, les damos Como explorar la Biblia, una mirada dinamica y llena de accion ...
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Dawkins' GOD: Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life,  by Alister McGrath Dawkins' GOD: Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life
by Alister McGrath | Genre: Theology
Alister McGrath subjects the atheistic world-view of Richard Dawkins to critical analysis and finds it severely lacking in intellectual rigour. As a former atheist himself, and a biochemist turned theologian and philosopher, the author is well placed ...
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Finding Favor With the King, Preparing For Your Moment in His Presence by Tommy Tenney Finding Favor With the King
by Tommy Tenney | Genre: Christian Living
Have you ever needed a that night? Or a that day? A point in time before which things were going wrong, but after which, things began to go right? Esther did, and she learned how to create a moment of divine favor that changed the course of her situation. ...
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Gift-Wrapped by God: Secret Answers to the Question Why Wait?,  by Linda Dillow Gift-Wrapped by God: Secret Answers to the Question Why Wait?
by Linda Dillow | Genre: Christian Living
Filled with powerful true stories of hope and healing, Gift-Wrapped by God provides compelling emotional and spiritual reasons for choosing God's path of sexual purity, as well as practical help for following it. Whether women have held onto their sexual ...
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Grow Your Church from the Outside In: Understanding the Unchurched and How to Reach Them,  by George Barna Grow Your Church from the Outside In: Understanding the Unchurched and How to Reach Them
by George Barna | Genre: Christian Living
George Barna reveals that America has more unchurched people than the entire population of all but 11 of the world's 194 nations! Based on research among several thousand unchurched people, the book discusses their values, attitudes, beliefs, religious ...
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Knowing God's Purpose For Your Life,  by J. I. Packer Knowing God's Purpose For Your Life
by J. I. Packer | Genre: Devotions
If the desire to know God's guidance is a sign of spiritual health, then this meaty devotional is a sure prescription for a vigorous spiritual appetite. In daily bite-sized chunks, J. I. Packer offers a soul-satisfying menu of profound meditations designed ...
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One Chance in a Million,  by Cathy Marie Hake One Chance in a Million
by Cathy Marie Hake | Genre: Fiction
Having endured a grueling voyage from the British Islands, Mariam arrives at the Chance brothers' ranch expecting to help her sister care for two children and six men. But Miriam is shocked to learn that her sister has died and her two nieces have been ...
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The Gift for All People: Thoughts on God's Great Grace,  by Max Lucado The Gift for All People: Thoughts on God's Great Grace
by Max Lucado | Genre: Christian Living
The Gift for All People is a celebration of Godís gift of salvation wrapped in a collection of inspirational stories. These stories will help Christians comprehend and treasure the assurance of their salvation and will help non-Christians realize and ...
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The Way I Was Made, Words and Music for an Unusual Life by Chris Tomlin The Way I Was Made
by Chris Tomlin | Genre: Christian Living
Dance like thereís no one watching The Bible clearly shows that we have been uniquely created for a purposeful life, but itís not meant to be about us, or our career, or our fame. Itís all about God, and His glory. Thatís the purpose of Chris Tomlinís ...
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What on Earth Am I Here For?,  by Rick Warren What on Earth Am I Here For?
by Rick Warren | Genre: Christian Living
An evangelistic booklet based on the first three chapters of The Purpose Driven Life.
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