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A Case of Bad Taste,  by Lori Copeland A Case of Bad Taste
by Lori Copeland | Genre: Fiction
In the sleepy little town of Morning Shade, author M.K. Diamond has writer's block, until the perfect plot begins to unfold in real life. A burglar is breaking into neighborhood homes and . . . redecorating them! Can M.K. keep her mother-in-law, Stella, ...
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Big Billy's Great Adventure (Gnoo Zoo),  by Sheila Walsh Big Billy's Great Adventure (Gnoo Zoo)
by Sheila Walsh | Genre: Childrens Books
Big Billy and his Gnoo Zoo pals go on a sailing adventure. Big Billy's courage and trust in the Great White Tiger is tested. He and his friends grow spiritually by helping each other, while learning to appreciate the strengths and differences they each ...
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Bride for a Bit: From Pride to Bride/From Halter to Altar/From Alarming to Charming/From Carriage to Marriage (Inspirational Romance Collection),  by Cathy Marie Hake Bride for a Bit: From Pride to Bride/From Halter to Altar/From Alarming to Charming/From Carriage to Marriage (Inspirational Romance Collection)
by Cathy Marie Hake | Genre: Fiction
Misreading an order for bridles, a New England farmer sends his four sisters-in-law as mail-order brides to Lickwind, Wyoming. When the four women step off the train, astonishment turns to mayhem as the men of the town suddenly spruce up and make time ...
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Compulsion,  by Keith Ablow Compulsion
by Keith Ablow | Genre: Fiction
Battle-scarred Boston forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger is reluctantly drawn into the Nantucket murder case of five-month-old twin Brooke Bishop in this brainy psychological thriller. All evidence points to the younger of the victim's two adopted ...
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I'll Watch the Moon: A Novel,  by Ann Tatlock I'll Watch the Moon: A Novel
by Ann Tatlock | Genre: Fiction
When polio stalked Minnesota in 1948, fear was every mother's constant companion, as Tatlock (All the Way Home) shows in this well-written story for the evangelical Christian market. Young Nova Tierney and her older brother, Dewey, live a mostly idyllic ...
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Love is Patient,  by Cathy Marie Hake Love is Patient
by Cathy Marie Hake | Genre: Fiction
Vanessa's heart does a funny flip-flop when a father and son with matching soulful brown eyes appear at the counter of her pet store. Soon she and the puppy she is training as a guide dog are spending time -- a lot of time -- with Nathan and Jeff and ...
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Mandie and the Night Thief,  by Lois Gladys Leppard Mandie and the Night Thief
by Lois Gladys Leppard | Genre: Childrens Books
After staying with the Pattons only a couple of days, Mandie and her friends and family realize jewelry is mysteriously disappearing overnight. So far Mandie is missing a cherished locket; Celia, a silver bracelet; and Mandie’s grandmother, some of her ...
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My Life as a Tarantula Toe Tickler,  by Bill Myers My Life as a Tarantula Toe Tickler
by Bill Myers | Genre: Childrens Books
Boy-genius Wally McDoogle makes one very minor mistake?and decides to hide the truth from his parents. What harm could come from hiding one tiny mistake? Much more than Wally bargained for Junior Genius (the spoiled, super-inventor from My Life As a Sky ...
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Operation: Firebrand Crusade, Operation: Firebrand Series #2 by Jefferson Scott Operation: Firebrand Crusade
by Jefferson Scott | Genre: Fiction

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Ransom's Mark,  A Story Based on the Life of the Pioneer Olive Oatman by Wendy Lawton Ransom's Mark
by Wendy Lawton | Genre: Fiction
Ransom's Mark is based on thirteen-year-old Olive Oatman's journey west by wagon train. Outlaw Yavapais capture Olive in 1851 after the massacre of her family. Later, she is ransomed by the peaceful Mohaves. The cruelty of her early captivity and the ...
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Sold Out, (Chloe #2) by Melody Carlson Sold Out
by Melody Carlson | Genre: Teens
Chloe Miller and her fellow band members must sort out their lives as they become a hit in the local community. Accustomed only to being scorned and marginalized, Chloe suddenly has to decide who her real friends are, and who's just along for the ride. ...
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The Things That Matter: Living a Life of Purpose Until Christ Returns,  by David Jeremiah The Things That Matter: Living a Life of Purpose Until Christ Returns
by David Jeremiah | Genre: Bible Study
In this study of Jesus' Olivet discourse, Jeremiah pinpoints a believer's priorities and encourages readers to stay the path of the simpler things in life. Anyone who is overwhelmed, perplexed or anxious about the past, present or future will renew their ...
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These Will Not Be Left Behind,  by Tim LaHaye These Will Not Be Left Behind
by Tim LaHaye | Genre: Christian Living

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Wild at Heart Journal,  by John Eldredge Wild at Heart Journal
by John Eldredge | Genre: Journals
Wild at Heart is expected to surpass one-million in sales this year! Through John Eldredge's wildly popular book, men have rediscovered their masculine souls and renewed their perspective on life. But what happens when they finish the book? How do they ...
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