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Devotions for Dating Couples: Building a Foundation for Spiritual Intimacy,  by Dr. Samuel Adams Devotions for Dating Couples: Building a Foundation for Spiritual Intimacy
by Dr. Samuel Adams | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
You've found your soul mate and are deeply in love! But have you made a spiritual connection? Together you'll enrich your inner lives while building a strong foundation for a lasting marriage as you focus on basics of love, prayer, Bible study, forgiveness, ...
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Emotional Purity, An Affair of the Heart by Heather Paulsen Emotional Purity
by Heather Paulsen | Genre: Womens Interest
How often have your emotions tossed you back and forth, clouding your vision and preventing you from hearing God's will clearly? Have you ever been in an undefined emotional relationship with a woman or man and unable to break free, even though you know ...
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Girlz Want to Know, Answers to Real-Life Questions by Susie Shellenberger Girlz Want to Know
by Susie Shellenberger | Genre: Childrens Books
Written for girls ages 8-12, Girlz Want to Know provides answers to questions about friends, family, and faith, as well as changing bodies, boys, and the future. This is a companion product for the Young Women of Faith series.
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God's Provision in Time of Need,  by 140675 Charles God's Provision in Time of Need
by 140675 Charles | Genre: Gift Books
From the best-selling classic The Grace Awakening, this gift book provides insights and encouragement on living in God's grace.
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God's Timing for Your Life, Seeing the Seasons of Your Life Through God's Eyes  by Dutch Sheets God's Timing for Your Life
by Dutch Sheets | Genre: Devotions
Best selling author Dutch Sheets will inspire and encourage readers with this clear, revelatory study of God's appointed times and seasons. Going beyond the basic definitions of kairos and chronos, Dutch brings fresh insight to the subject, examining ...
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I Will Be Your Friend,  by Michael W. Smith I Will Be Your Friend
by Michael W. Smith | Genre: Christian Living

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Jesus, Inc.: The Visionary Path,  by Laurie Beth Jones Jesus, Inc.: The Visionary Path
by Laurie Beth Jones | Genre: Christian Living
Jones (Jesus, CEO) believes in conducting business and simultaneously satisfying one's spiritual needs. Biblical and real-life stories advocate religious faith and bestow practical advice. For example, Jones recommends undertaking difficult activities ...
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Life is Tough, But God is Faithful, How to See God's Love in Difficult Times by Sheila Walsh Life is Tough, But God is Faithful
by Sheila Walsh | Genre: Christian Living
If God loves me, why did my child die? If life is supposed to be so wonderful, why do I feel so bad? If God hears my prayers, why am I still single? If God is in control of the world, why is life so hard? Sheila Walsh hears questions like ...
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Life Is Tough, But God Is Faithful: How to See God's Love in Difficult Times,  by Sheila Walsh Life Is Tough, But God Is Faithful: How to See God's Love in Difficult Times
by Sheila Walsh | Genre: Christian Living
When the doubts and fears of life assail us, we may find we are overwhelmed by some difficult questions: If God loves me, why did this happen? Can He hear my prayers? If God is in control, why is life so hard? Sheila Walsh has struggled with these questions ...
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Lily and the Creep,  by Nancy Rue Lily and the Creep
by Nancy Rue | Genre: Childrens Books
Lily and Shad are into it again. But this time, Lily and her friends are fed up with his teasing and decide to give Shad a taste of his own medicine. When Lily and her friends play the ultimate prank on Shad, guess who's left to take the fall? Lily. Lily ...
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Lily's Ultimate Party,  by Nancy Rue Lily's Ultimate Party
by Nancy Rue | Genre: Childrens Books
Sixth grade is finally over and Lily's planning the "ultimate" party in celebration of the occasion, as only Lily can. As usual, Lily insists on making this a project for the Girlz Only Club, and gets a less than enthusiastic response. Lily will stop ...
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Making Sense of the Men in Your Life, What Makes Them Tick, What Ticks You Off, and How to Live in Harmony by Dr. Kevin Leman Making Sense of the Men in Your Life
by Dr. Kevin Leman | Genre: Womens Interest
What really goes on in a man's mind? How does he perceive the world, and how does that perception differ from a woman's view of reality? And how can knowing what a husband, son, father, or male colleague is really like help a woman succeed in her relationships ...
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Praying the Scriptures for Your Children, Discover How to Pray God's Will for Their Lives by Jodie Berndt Praying the Scriptures for Your Children
by Jodie Berndt | Genre: Family Living
Praying the Scriptures for Your Children is both a "how-to" book and a "feel-good" book of encouraging stories that mothers can use to learn how to pray scripturally for their children. Each chapter focuses on a particular "need" children have, from wisdom ...
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Sheltering Trees,  by Donna VanLiere Sheltering Trees
by Donna VanLiere | Genre: Fiction

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The Buddy Book: It's a God Thing!,  by Nancy Rue The Buddy Book: It's a God Thing!
by Nancy Rue | Genre: Womens Interest
As girls grow up, they find out how meaningful - and difficult - relationships are. The Buddy Book offers interesting facts about why relationships are significant, what makes a good one, and how lousy your life can be if they?re crummy. But more importantly, ...
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The Stranger's Kiss,  by Yvonne Lehman The Stranger's Kiss
by Yvonne Lehman | Genre: Fiction
First her mother left her. Then her father preferred drowning his sorrows in drink to spending time with his young daughter. Before he died, he signed Jenny away to the care of her aunt and uncle, who barely tolerated her existence and arranged a marriage ...
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The Warning/The Ultimatum (Reluctant Prophet Series 1-2),  by Davis Bunn The Warning/The Ultimatum (Reluctant Prophet Series 1-2)
by Davis Bunn | Genre: Fiction
Buddy Korda's story as a mild-mannered, small-town banker obeying God's call to prophesy is captured in this one volume of The Reluctant Prophet. The Warning starts off with the recurring nightmare which turns into an incredible message from God. Buddy's ...
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Under Cover, The Promise of Protection Under His Authority by John Bevere Under Cover
by John Bevere | Genre: Christian Living
This well loved writer effectively uses his personal mistakes to illustrate riveting truths about repentance and forgiveness. As he focuses on the true authority of God, he is careful to explain by example the important difference between submission and ...
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Walking The Bible, A Journey By Land Through The Five Books of Moses by Bruce Feiler Walking The Bible
by Bruce Feiler | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses is the story of Bruce Feiler's 10,000-mile trek from Mount Ararat to Mount Nebo, undertaken for reasons he did not understand at the outset and accompanied by a companion who was very ...
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Wild at Heart:, Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul by John Eldredge Wild at Heart:
by John Eldredge | Genre: Christian Living
Helping men rediscover their masculine heart, Wild at Heart, a guide to understanding Christian manhood and Christian men, offers a refreshing break from the chorus of voices urging men to be more responsible, reliable, dutiful ... and dead. God designed ...
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