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Abby California Gold,  by Pamela Walls Abby California Gold
by Pamela Walls | Genre: Childrens Books
This is the third book in the Abby South Seas Adventures series. When illness sweeps through Oahu, Abby, her sister Sarah, and her friends Luke and Kini are all sent back to California to be safe with Luke's Aunt Dagmar. But California isn't as nice ...
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Abby Secret at Cutter Grove,  by Pamela Walls Abby Secret at Cutter Grove
by Pamela Walls | Genre: Childrens Books
This is the fourth book in the Abby South Seas Adventures series. Having lost the ranch, Abby's family, Luke, Kini, and Duncan all move to the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where Abby's dad and uncle get jobs on a sugarcane plantation. But the new boss ...
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Help! My Little Girl's Growing Up, Guiding Your Daughter Through Her Physical and Emotional Changes by Annette Smith Help! My Little Girl's Growing Up
by Annette Smith | Genre: Family Living

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Libby's Story,  by Judy Baer Libby's Story
by Judy Baer | Genre: Fiction
They are two hurting people. Nothing more. Or are they? Libby Morrison is attractive, single, and thoroughly immersed in caring for her aging parents. Reese Reynolds is drowning in self-pity from a gunshot wound that has left him paralyzed. A chance encounter ...
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My Time with God,  by Jeanne Gowen Dennis My Time with God
by Jeanne Gowen Dennis | Genre: Childrens Books
In My Time with God Volume 2, kids will see that quiet times with God can be both inspiring and fun! This Heritage Builders paperback from Focus on the Family shows kids how to get into God's Word, and has ideas for personal prayer starters and thought-provoking ...
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Quiet Moments With God,  by Lloyd John Ogilvie Quiet Moments With God
by Lloyd John Ogilvie | Genre: Christian Living
Rich with encouragement and wisdom, Quiet Moments with God is filled with prayers that nurture intimacy with God. Readers will truly experience Godís blessed assurance as they are comforted by Godís promises toľ provide guidance in moments of need ...
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Stories Of Hope From a Bend in The Road,  by David Jeremiah Stories Of Hope From a Bend in The Road
by David Jeremiah | Genre: Christian Living
It may happen when we least expect it. We travel down a seemingly straight path when we approach a "bend in the road." Dr. David Jeremiah shares personal insight from his own unexpected turn life ( a battle with cancer), along with stories of triumph ...
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Stories to Feed Your Soul,  by Annette Smith Stories to Feed Your Soul
by Annette Smith | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc

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The Abolition Of Man, Reflections On Education With Special Reference To The Teaching Of English In The Upper Forms Of Schools by C. S. Lewis The Abolition Of Man
by C. S. Lewis | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
The Abolition of Man book by C. S. Lewis first published in 1943. It is subtitled "Reflections on education with special reference to the teaching of English in the upper forms of schools," but it actually uses that as a starting point for a defense ...
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The Second Coming of the Church,  by George Barna The Second Coming of the Church
by George Barna | Genre: Christian Living
In this "blueprint for survival," Christian sociologist George Barna evaluates the moral and spiritual decline of society and the corresponding stagnation within the Church. Using hard data, Barna unveils the status quo and argues convincingly that the ...
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Time and Eternity: Exploring God's Relationship to Time,  by William Lane Craig Time and Eternity: Exploring God's Relationship to Time
by William Lane Craig | Genre: Theology
Time and Eternity offers a comprehensive discussion of the problems in the concepts of time and eternity on the basis of an extraordinary familiarity with a vast number of recent contributions to this issue from scientists and philosophers. The argument ...
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Until Christ Returns,  by David Jeremiah Until Christ Returns
by David Jeremiah | Genre: Prophecy
Award-winning author and Bible teacher David Jeremiah says this is no time for his Church to panic, to become distracted, to be confused by prophetic rabbit trails, or to miss priceless opportunities. In fact, these may be the best days to proclaim Christ ...
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Weight of Glory,  by C. S. Lewis Weight of Glory
by C. S. Lewis | Genre: Christian Living
Selected from sermons delivered by C. S. Lewis during World War II, these nine addresses offer guidance and inspiration in a time of great doubt.These are ardent and lucid sermons that provide a compassionate vision of Christianity.
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Why Celebrate Easter?,  by Steve Russo Why Celebrate Easter?
by Steve Russo | Genre: Christian Living
Has the most profound event in Christian history and the axis upon which all history turns been relegated to a backseat behind chocolate bunnies, decorated baskets, and egg hunts? Author Steve Russo sets the record straight in Why Celebrate Easter. Russo ...
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Your People Shall Be My People,  by Don Finto Your People Shall Be My People
by Don Finto | Genre: Theology
"Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God" (Ruth 1:16). Like Ruth in the Old Testament, every Gentile believer has come out of the land of famine and into the spiritual realm of abundance in the name of Jesus. But unlike Ruth, we have turned ...
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