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Anxiety Attacked,  by John MacArthur Anxiety Attacked
by John MacArthur | Genre: Christian Living
SAY NO TO FEAR AND ANXIETY So many things to worry about and so little time to worry! Christians obviously are not immune to the troubles of life, and when troubles do come we're urged to rise above them and experience "peace that passes understanding." ...
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Charismatic Chaos,  by John MacArthur Charismatic Chaos
by John MacArthur | Genre: Christian Living
The charismatic movement of the past quarter-century has made an impact on the church unparalleled in history. But one legacy of the movement is confusion and mushy thinking. In Charismatic Chaos, John F. MacArthur calls for biblical evaluation and analyzes ...
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Gift Of The Blessing,  by Gary Smalley Gift Of The Blessing
by Gary Smalley | Genre: Christian Living
This special edition of Gary Smalley and John Trent's best-selling book offers a fresh, updated look at the life-changing gift the Bible calls "the blessing." The unconditional love and approval that comes with the blessing is an important element of ...
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Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary,  by Lee Strobel Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary
by Lee Strobel | Genre: Christian Living
Who Are Unchurched Harry and Mary? He or she could be the neighbor who is perfectly happy without God. Or the coworker who scoffs at Christianity. Or the supervisor who uses Jesus' name only as profanity. Or the family member who can't understand why ...
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Knowing God,  by J. I. Packer Knowing God
by J. I. Packer | Genre: Christian Living
J. I. Packer's Knowing God has become a classic of the Christian faith. Why? While it gives us information about God with clarity and grace, it does much more---it aids us in actually knowing him, in building our relationship with him, and helps draw ...
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My Life as a Broken Bungee Cord,  by Bill Myers My Life as a Broken Bungee Cord
by Bill Myers | Genre: Childrens Books

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My Life as Crocodile Junk Food,  by Bill Myers My Life as Crocodile Junk Food
by Bill Myers | Genre: Childrens Books
Chased by thieves through roaring rapids, over a killer waterfall, and into the hands of primitive jungle natives! This isn't exactly what Dad had in mind when he tood his son on a missions trip to the South American rain forest. But he should have ...
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The Coming Darkness,  by John Ankerberg The Coming Darkness
by John Ankerberg | Genre: Christian Living
Millions of people are risking everything to seek the occult world & its alluring power. But this intriguing contact with supernatural power is not what it seems to be. Researchers John Ankerberg & John Weldon convincingly document with eyewitness accounts, ...
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With the Word: The Chapter-by-Chapter Bible Handbook,  by Warren W. Wiersbe With the Word: The Chapter-by-Chapter Bible Handbook
by Warren W. Wiersbe | Genre: Bible Study
A fresh approach which not only offers trustworthy exposition, but also provides a book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter tour through the glory of the Bible. This highly readable personal "conversation" with Scripture guides you through each book, helping ...
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