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Chris Tomlin Reveals Details Of New Live Christmas Record
NRT News Roundup, June 13, 2015

Chris Tomlin Reveals Details Of New Live Christmas Record

Posted: June 13, 2015, 5:00 PM | Category: General
Artist Tags: Jimmy Needham / Lecrae / Remedy Drive / Disciple / Brandon Heath / Fireflight / for KING & COUNTRY / Lauren Daigle / Chris Tomlin / JJ Heller / Dan Bremnes / Colton Dixon
Source: Staff Reports

Here's what's happening TODAY in Christian music...

1. Josh Wilson, Colton Dixon and Dan Bremnes had a special "writers in the round" performances for more than 20 radio friends yesterday. While the intimate concert certainly would've been incredible in its own right, no word as to whether or not the three sang together. Can you imagine!?

2. JJ Heller said making her record Only Love Remains nine years ago helped her find her voice as an artist. They'd printed 27,000 copies, and JJ said they're down to about 80 now. The record is available via her website.

3. Christmas is coming! And while the season is just under six months away, it's peak Christmas recording time in the music world. Chris Tomlin revealed yesterday that he has none other than Lauren Daigle featuring on his Christmas record--which is a live Christmas record. Great. You found out your gift really early. You happy now?

4. It's been three years since for KING & COUNTRY filmed their rooftop video for "Light it Up," and the guys are sharing a never before seen throwback video from that session.

5. Take an old Epiphone guitar, add some white paint, black sharpie and a whole lotta patience, and you get Fireflight's new awesome Innova-themed electric. The axe features a giant symbol from the band's new record on it.

6. Brandon Heath's astronaut buddy Terry Virts is back on earth after his stint at the International Space Station. Brandon had gone to Russia to see his friend lift off earlier this year.

7. In addition to their upcoming "Best of" album plus their upcoming all-new EP, Disciple is going to be releasing some live footage (much of which was shot on Winter Jam last fall).

8. For his birthday earlier this week, Remedy Drive's David Zach went camping. And there he got the gift that keeps on giving: poison ivy. And he got stung by a bee or wasp IN THE EYE on his birthday, too. He said that while he's not contagious by any means, he's looking pretty rough, and told people he understands if they keep their distance.
Quotes (3)

1. "The closer we get to each other, the messier life becomes." - Latifah Phillips of Moda Spira

2. "Jesus doesn't love me because of my perfect character, He loves me because of His." - Lecrae

3. "Beneath all of our fights there is only one fight, the fight for joy in God." - Jimmy Needham

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