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Francesca Battistelli Shares Miracle Story Concerning Pregnancy
Singer shares praise on the other side of health scare

Francesca Battistelli Shares Miracle Story Concerning Pregnancy

Posted: September 19, 2019, 5:00 PM | Category: General
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Earlier this year Francesca Battistelli announced that she was pregnant with her fifth child, and this week she opened up on social media about a related health issue that recently turned into a miracle story.

In the post, Battistelli recounts waking up in pain at 10 weeks pregnant. Her husband Matt was out of town, so she called her midwife. Eventually her pain got worse, so she went into the emergency room. The pain had gone away by the time she got to the ER, but Battistelli then found out about a cyst she had on her ovary. It had twisted the ovary and cut off the blood supply.

"My hubby made it just in time for the OB on call to tell us that she wanted me to have surgery to remove it," Francesca says. "She said it was ok to take a few days to think about it. We did."

"We met with our midwife and a trusted OB who was very torn on the matter. He didn't want to operate while I was pregnant, but he said this kind of cyst does not shrink or go away on it's own--'it would have to be a miracle,' he said--and it would possibly twist again and cause issues. He said surgery was inevitable, but it was my choice if we waited until after the birth to remove it. We talked and prayed and prayed and talked. I asked so many dear friends for prayer for wisdom and for the cyst to disappear," Battistelli shares.

"After praying it through, we just didn't have peace about doing the surgery now. We believed God could heal me! Fast forward to about a week ago, when we went in for our 20-week ultrasound. The sweet tech said, 'we will take a look at that cyst while we're here,' and Matt said, 'you won't find it. It's gone. We've been praying.' Well, we got to the end of a super positive ultrasound (she gave us so many details of what she was measuring and looking for--more than any other ultrasound I've ever had), and she measured this super small circular thing. We asked about it, and she said, 'this is just an inch long. It's not even a cyst anymore. It's gone!' We all (my sweet midwife included) praised God and thanked Jesus right there in the ultrasound room! He did a miracle in my body, and this sweet tech (who is pregnant with her first baby) got to witness it! We are overwhelmed by the goodness and the BIGNESS of God, and we want the world to know that He still heals!!"

Battistelli ended the post with praise to God and another sweet note: the baby is a boy!

You can share your congratulations with the Battistelli family on social media here.


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