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Annie Moses Band Announces Fundraiser to Build the Conservatory of Annie Moses
Goal is to raise $150,000 by July 1 to empower the next generation of musicians

Annie Moses Band Announces Fundraiser to Build the Conservatory of Annie Moses

Posted: June 02, 2018, 5:00 PM | Category: General
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Source: Hoganson Media

Nashville-based award-winning, Juilliard-educated Annie Moses Band, known for its impeccable artistry and genre-defying music, announces today its goal to raise $150,000 through the Annie Moses Foundation (AMF) by July 1 to build The Conservatory of Annie Moses. This new building near historic Franklin, TN will be the headquarters for the foundation's Annie Moses Conservatory, a weekly program where the musicians of the Annie Moses Band guide and educate a new generation of artists.

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Over the last several years, this weekly program has grown to a point where the Annie Moses Foundation realized it needed a permanent building in order to equip and fulfill its mission.
"Our world is full of the arts. We have more platforms, more devices than ever before, and yet so little of the art that young people are exposed to communicates life giving messages," notes Annie Moses Band Cellist and AMF Director of Development Benjamin Wolaver. "This is a dilemma for the people of God that requires us to look afresh and ask, 'How are we going to fill the world with beautiful and godly messages?'"
The creation of the Annie Moses Foundation is the band's response to that question, believing that the next generation is able to elevate society through discipline, grace and beauty. The foundation exists to nurture truth and artistic excellence in young musicians.
The purpose and mission of Annie Moses Foundation (AMF) began alongside the Annie Moses Band nearly 15 years ago with its priority program called the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival, a series of shows designed to give young performers an inspirational on-stage experience. As the Festival developed, the band found that there was a growing number of families who wanted to come to Nashville to be artistically mentored by Annie Moses Band, known for its unique approach of classical level chops with commercial style performance, all through a Christian world view. Soon a vision took shape: to populate the stages of the world with highly skilled musicians who have a heart for the Kingdom of God. 
"So many music programs fail to develop a student's creativity through songwriting, composition and arranging, giving them a toolbox where they can express themselves," explains Benjamin. "Today, the Conservatory is filling that hole in arts education by not only teaching reading and performing, but also the writing of the musical language."
Benjamin adds, "We've cast a vision for you. Every child deserves to have a voice. We can transform our world by opening up the hearts of children and young artists everywhere, unleashing creativity and beauty that the world has never seen."
Through events at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival and the Annie Moses Conservatory program, Annie Moses Band is able to deeply invest in the lives of their students, giving them unique opportunities to experience what it's like to perform at a high level with extraordinary musicians, all while sharing their artistic passion and raising up a brand-new generation of young artists committed to godly excellence in the world of the arts.
For more information, please visit or click here to view the fundraiser video.
All the latest information on Annie Moses Band, including music, touring, Annie Moses Foundation, etc., can be found at, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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