The Negotiator,The O'Malley Series #1 by Dee Henderson Christian Book Reviews And Information

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The Negotiator
The O'Malley Series #1
by Dee Henderson | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: October 2005

Henderson's series has an intriguing hook: the seven O'Malley siblings, who adopted each other and changed their names to reflect their new family. In this first entry, Chicago hostage negotiator Kate O'Malley meets Dave Richman (the FBI agent from Henderson's Danger in the Shadows) while she's talking a bank gunman into releasing hostages. Impressed by her professionalism and attracted to her personally, Dave starts courting the aloof Kate, only to discover that she's not a Christian, a major stumbling block for him. As he struggles to understand why she doesn't believe in God, a threat from Kate's past, an airline bombing, a family tragedy, and the discovery of a biological brother threaten to break this strong woman. Solid storytelling, compelling characters, and the promise of more O'Malleys make Henderson a name to watch. Highly recommended, with a cross-genre appeal.

Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 978-1414310565
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

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chaiann (22)
Rated 5 Stars

Loved This One | Posted June 06, 2011
This is a really great book. It was probably my favorite in the series. I just loved the OMalley's throughout all the books. Dee has created a family that everyone can feel a part of as they read the books. This homey feeling coupled with thrilling plots made for a great read.

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Love this book! | Posted August 21, 2008
Dee Henderson is one of the best authors and she a did a gr8 job on this book! i love the entire Omalley series :D if you like mystery books then you'll love this one! i love how she combines romance and mystery in all her books :)

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Best mystery series | Posted April 01, 2008
The O'Malley Series is my favorite in the way of mystery novels. Starting with Sarah's story in the prequel and moving through each of the O'Malley siblings' lives, it weaves through the fascinating reality of redemption, forgiveness, heartache and love.
"Danger in the Shadows" and "The Negotiator" are my two favorites. I believe there is a connection in "Before I Wake" with Gabe Collier, the reporter, and the O'Malley series (Rachel's Gabe).

I think they should make these into movies...

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