#4: Wild Rescue,Red Rock Mysteries Series by Aleathea Dupree Christian Book Reviews And Information

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#4: Wild Rescue
Red Rock Mysteries Series
by Aleathea Dupree And Aleathea Dupree | Genre: Young Readers
Release Date: April 2005

When a string of burglaries hits the town of Red Rock, the investigation lands on Bryce and Ashley Timberline's doorstep after alpacas they're taking care of are stolen. Can they find the thief before the owner returns home?

Bryce and Ashley Timberline are normal 13-year-old twins, except for one thing... they discover action-packed mystery wherever they go. Wanting to get to the bottom of any mystery, these twins find themselves on a non-stop search for truth.

Pages: 240
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 9781414301433
Publisher: Tyndale Kids

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pacemaker (321)
Rated 0 Stars

great book | Posted March 19, 2011
 this was the last book of the first set of books that came out. it is NOT a disappointment.

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bjburly (28)
Rated 5 Stars

#4: Wild Rescue | Posted August 21, 2008
Created by critically-acclaimed and best-selling authors Jerry Jenkins and Chris Fabry, the Red Rock Mysteries Series combines hair-raising adventures and Biblical values in a storyline that kids will crave. Seemingly smart 13-year-old twins Bryce and Ashley Timberline are constantly stumbling into thrilling mysteries from their hometown of Red Rock, Colorado, that are packed with excitement and real-life situations... but that's not the whole story. While the series is obviously primarily focused on mysteries that the twins solve together, each installment has its own unique problem or situation for each of the two. Also, each Red Rock book is constantly flipping to Bryce's and Ashley's own perspective, so readers, depending on their gender, can relate to either Bryce or Ashley throughout the entire story. Biblical and family values are presented as an important priority from each twin, but a balance between faith and action is wonderfully evident.

When Bryce and Ashley are offered to watch a family's herd of grazing alpacas on a farm, it's something too good to pass up. But before they venture out to the farm, their elderly neighbor Mrs. Watson discovers that her expensive jewelry is missing. In the midst of their investigation, Ashley's best friend Hayley reports that some of her family's stuff is gone as well. The search for the thief is on. Baffled with the fact that none of the town's thefts show signs of forced entry, the Timberline duo find themselves on their most puzzling and intriguing puzzle yet. Meanwhile, with the conclusion of the school year quickly approaching, Bryce and Ashley gear up for a band trip to a local amusement park, a sure bet to be a thrilling experience. But the two girls that Ashley moved ahead of in band aren't planning on letting their fellow flute player off the hook. The two warn the Timberlines that "bad things can happen at amusement parks". Will they ruin the day at Happy Canyons for Bryce and Ashley? Will the twins figure out who is robbing homes in the town of Red Rock? When the two become aware that someone is watching them during their overnight stay at the alpaca farm, something supposed to be exciting suddenly becomes a dangerous attempt to escape. Will Bryce and Ashley get out unharmed? Find out these questions and more in the most hair-raising and jam-packed Red Rock Mystery yet. With a storyline so addictive, Wild Rescue will keep readers engaged in this heart-pumping addition to the series.

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