Lifestories,Finding God's "Voice of Truth" Through Everyday Life by Aleathea Dupree Christian Book Reviews And Information

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Finding God's "Voice of Truth" Through Everyday Life
by Aleathea Dupree | Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: August 2006

From the songwriter and lead singer of Christian Music's Grammy Award winning new artist Casting Crowns, comes a collection of stories about the events and people behind the songs of Casting Crowns' self-titled debut album and their latest release, "Lifesong."

Your appreciation for God's grace will deepen as you read these stirring stories of a mother whose soft whisper drowned out the storm to praise the God who gave and took away her precious Erin, the high school football player in Alabama, the saint whose blanket was once a newspaper, the revolutionary from Romania, and the "Voice of Truth" that finally broke through a grown man's heart to quell a little boy's fear.

"Lifestories" peeks past the radio dial and CD liner notes, revealing how God used a student pastor and his band comprised of youth ministry workers to unveil His heart for us"one moving song at a time.

Pages: 228
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 1558970029
Publisher: Provident-Integrity Distribution

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My Thoughts | Posted February 21, 2011
 I,personally, LOVE this book! I have not finished it yet but I think it is one of the best books EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Lifestories has made me look at my faith differently. Reading this book has changed my life! It is AWESOME!!!

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Good for a Casting Crowns fan | Posted July 07, 2010
This book is pretty decent. I recommend all Casting Crowns fans to read it. It discusses the stories behind the songs and the scripture used. It isn't anything flashy but still it is an enjoyable read.

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patpc36 (58)
Rated 5 Stars

Five Star MUST READ | Posted August 27, 2009
So you buy a Casting Crowns CD and you listen to the music and you start to wonder- who is this lead singer? Well then pick up a copy of Lifesong and learn more about him and the thought process behind one of their most popular albums. Mark Hall basically walks you through his life song but he wants the reader to personalize their own lifesong so he has some great questions that you should answer as you read the book. This would be a great book for a small group to read and share together.

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Lifestories | Posted March 30, 2008
I read this book three times =) I definately recommend this book. It's great to learn where the songs came from and some background into Mark Hall's life. It's a great book!

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Discover the Stories Behind the Songs | Posted March 03, 2008
Lifestories, the first book by Mark Hall, the lead singer of the popular Christian band Casting Crowns, offers a look into the stories behind the songs from the band's first two albums, Lifesong and Casting Crowns. Read about Hall's struggles with dyslexia and ADD, about a revolutionary from Romania, about a mother who lost her precious daughter Erin, and several other touching stories.

Each chapter ends with "The Godline" and "The Bottom Line." Godlines are the lines in Hall's songs that he believes that only God could have given him. The Bottom Line poses a few challenging questions related to the story behind each chapter. These questions make the reader think about where they are in their relationship with God and other people and challenge the reader to get even farther in those relationships.

Lifestories is a great book that presents how God works in people's lives. It will make the reader cry at times and at others want to praise God. It will challenge the reader to listen to God's voice of truth over the chaotic noises of this world and to worship God with their lives, not just with a short amount of time each week at church. Lifestories shows how every Christian should let their "lifesongs" sing to the Lord.

Whether one is a Casting Crowns fan or not, Lifestories is a great book to pick up because it will challenge the faith of everyone who reads it and bring the reader closer to God.

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