Sincerely, Mayla,Just As I Am Series book 2 by Aleathea Dupree Christian Book Reviews And Information

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Sincerely, Mayla
Just As I Am Series book 2
by Aleathea Dupree | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: March 2008

Just as life is beginning to come together for spunky, purple-haired Mayla Strong, she loses her job and her boyfriend. When she escapes to sunny Florida, her problems only tag along. In this heartwarming sequel to Just As I Am, Mayla learns how to balance friends, family, and faith while living in a messed-up world.

Pages: 288
Format: Trade Paper
EAN/ISBN: 0825436923
Publisher: Kregel Publishing

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The quirky, unpredictable Mayla returns | Posted September 29, 2008
Sincerely Mayla is Virginia Smith’s follow up to Just As I Am, where we first met Mayla Strong a young and very unconventional character and watched her come to faith. Sincerely Mayla brings us this lovable character as endearing as she was in book one, though a bit tamed in her appearance, sporting fewer piercings and less colorful hair.

In the thick of winter, Mayla finds herself unemployed, on the outs with Pastor Paul who Mayla discovers she has feelings for, and the proud owner of a pet that she finds in the middle of a storm. When faced with these disasters does Mayla do what every unemployed, lovesick, pet owning woman should do? No, of course, not. This is Mayla we’re talking about here. She sets off for Orlando, not to visit the big mouse, but to reconnect with her grandmother and get away from her problems. But poor, Mayla. Her problems hop on the plane or zip through emails and the telephone to make her vacation anything but restful.

As an avowed suspense and mystery lover, I rarely make time for novels outside of this genre. Virginia Smith’s books are one of the few exceptions. Smith does such a wonderful job of character development. She provides the reader with a unique cast doing battle with everyday issues and marries this with the struggle to live within their faith. Wrap all of this up with humor and a fun plot and you have one must read after another.

Sincerely Mayla certainly fits this mold and is another Smith winner. Through Mayla’s innocence we see the world from a different perspective. We watch her struggle with her new faith and think about how we live out our own faith. Her innocence coupled with the basic desire to do the right thing makes Mayla a very loveable character. She faces the same life issues we all face and the reader can deeply empathize with Mayla forming a strong bond with her. Don’t miss Sincerely Mayla or any other Virginia Smith novel. Buy one today, you won’t be disappointed.

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