B4UD8,7 Things You Need To Know Before Your Next Date by Michael DiMarco Christian Book Reviews And Information

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7 Things You Need To Know Before Your Next Date
by Michael DiMarco And Hayley DiMarco | Genre: Teens
Release Date: March 2009

Whether d8ing or w8ing, ther r 7 thngs u need 2 kno B4UD8!
It doesn't matter if you've kissed dating good-bye or embraced dating with a bear hug, there are some things that you absolutely must know before hanging out with the opposite sex. Whether you're curious about your first date or want a better outcome than your last relationship, everybody could use a little wisdom before diving headfirst into the dating pool. In B4UD8, Hayley and Michael show you how you can date with confidence and a clear conscience. They know all the highs and lows of dating and they want you to learn from their experience. With plenty of straight talk and humor they show you how to
•date with a purpose (or don't date at all)
•take care of your body and soul
•know the difference between dating and marriage (besides the obvious)
•have a life of your own while you date •watch out for red flags
•embrace rejection
•keep dating from becoming your idol
So whether your next date is your first or your 500th, make it the best date possible! B4UD8 shows you how!

Pages: 176
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 978-0-8007-3308-7
Publisher: Revell

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Good One | Posted November 14, 2009
This book definitely provided a great amount of insight on d8ting. The casual attitude of the book made it easier to get advice from than most other books which have a more condescending tone. The suggestions and information in this book really helped me, a person who can count the number of dates she's had on one hand, to realize what dating is really for and what is supposed to be going on while it is happening. I will be sure to refer to this book for future reference an I know it will help.

I would recommend this book to any Chrisitian who is about to enter the dating world.

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B4UD8 - Read It Before It's Too Late! | Posted August 19, 2009
As a HUGE Hayley Dimarco fan, I always try to pick up her newest books, and B4UD8 was no exception. B4UD8 relates biblically sound truth in an interesting and relevant way.
The eight tips shared throughout the book are relevant to young people - whether they have never dated or have dated a million times! Even people in serious relationships can benefit from reading this book, and being reminded of how important it is to have your own life, and to look for red flags within your relationship.
The book's conversational tone, and its blunt honesty are refreshing in a world where dating books tend to be boring, and only outline boundaries for "how far is too far." This book talks very little about actual physical purity, but reading it gives you a new determination to honour Jesus in every area of your dating life. And, honestly, by applying all the standards in this book, the struggle for purity becomes less of an issue.

The only disappointment that I found in this book was the constant use of "texting lingo." I know that texting lingo is supposed to be 'relevant' and was probably used in an attempt to relate to teenagers, but honestly, the book would've been a million times better without it! At times it just made the book confusing, and came across as 'trying a little too hard.'

All in all, I would definitely recommend this book to other teenagers, but would advise the authors to tone down the texting lingo 'b4 they write again'

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