When God Writes Your Love Story,The Ultimate Approach to Guy/Girl Relationships by Eric and Leslie Ludy Christian Book Reviews And Information

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When God Writes Your Love Story
The Ultimate Approach to Guy/Girl Relationships
by Eric and Leslie Ludy | Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: January 1998

This book has provided the foundation for a whole new way of thinking about relationships among today’s younger generation. Rather than building a love story the way the world does (with a few Christian morals tacked on for good measure) this book introduces readers to a far superior way of building a love story…God’s way. After all, God is the One who invented the concept of romance in the first place! And God doesn’t need to imitate the world’s way of building a relationship…He has His very own perfect, amazing, beautiful way of writing a love story, and it is far more fulfilling and romantic than anything Hollywood could ever concoct. Leslie and I believe that the foundation for an amazing, lifelong love story begins even before you meet your future spouse, by allowing the Author of romance to script your love story and show you how to love like He loves. Rather than chasing after temporary relationships, this book challenges readers to give the “pen” to God and allow Him to script their love story in His own perfect time and way.

In this book, we take readers through the “Four Secrets to an Amazing Love Story” – practical things that you can do now to prepare for a love story that will go the distance. From learning to love your spouse even before you meet them, to understanding the difference between mere abstinence and true purity; from practicing the skills of tenderness and selflessness that will make you a superhero spouse, to experiencing God’s best in your single years; from understanding renewed purity to making your parents your teammates – this book is loaded with inspiration, motivation, and practical insight for experiencing a God-written love story.

When God Writes Your Love Story has shaped an entire generation’s thinking in regard to romance and relationships. If you want to experience the very best God has for you in this area of your life – don’t miss this important message!

“Creative, challenging, intuitive, and inspirational!”
Joe White, president, Kanukuk Kamps

“Straightforward and unabashed. This book will help you gain a new perspective on romance God’s way!”
Beverly LaHaye, Concerned Women for America

“If you want to build a God-honoring relationship, you can’t afford to miss this book.”
Les and Leslie Parrott, authors of Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts

Pages: 248
Format: N/A
Publisher: N/A

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Boseph (1)
Rated 5 Stars

I Found Answers | Posted December 07, 2012
 When God Writes Your Love Story is an excellent book. When I was in high school a group of friends and I decided to read this book together. The more I read the more I realized that this book is about more that just relationships. It is full of practical yet challenging godly advice for all areas of life. I have taken up reading this book every couple of years to help me stay on track. I would recommend When God Writes Your Love Story to any young adult but especially those in JH or HS looking to have a God centered relationship. It's not a hard read but it's not shallow either. 

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fruitcup (15)
Rated 5 Stars

amazing! | Posted March 19, 2009
I just finished Eric and Leslie Ludy's When God Writes Your Love Story, and wow!

This book is timeless! They have so much input and Godly wisdom that will last from generation to generation.

I loved every part of this book. I have always wanted God at the center of my love life, but never fully turned everything over to him, the "Pen" as the authors put it. They talk about the "sweeter song", the beautiful side of romance that comes from a relationship centered and shaped by Christ. I cannot wait for my beautiful love story to develop.

This book is for any young Christian who wants a love worth waiting for...who has dreamed of the perfect love instead of temporary relationship after relationship! All aspects are covered: purity, romance, past relationships, accountability, and Jesus! :)

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