Murder, Mayhem & a Fine Man, by Claudia Mair Burney Christian Book Reviews And Information

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Murder, Mayhem & a Fine Man
by Claudia Mair Burney | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: February 2008

For Amanda Bell Brown, just living her life is murder How's a woman supposed to grapple with faith, a fine man, and turning thirty-five when she keeps tripping in her high heels over mysteries -- and not just the God kind?
Amanda Bell Brown knows that life as a forensic psychologist isn't quite as cool as it looks on prime-time TV. But when she turns thirty-five with no husband or baby on the horizon, she decides she's gotta get out and paint the town -- in her drop-dead red birthday dress. Instead, she finds herself at the scene of a crime -- and she just may know who the killer is. She needs to spill her guts, but not on the handsome lead detective's alligator shoes -- especially if she wants him to ask her out. A complicated murder investigation unearths not just a killer but a closet full of skeletons Amanda thought were long gone. Murder, mayhem, and a fine man are wreaking havoc on her birthday, but will her sleuthing leave her alive to see past thirty-five?

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Murder, Mayhem, and A Fine Man mixes all the right ingredients, spinning a tale that you won't want to miss | Posted January 08, 2009
When Amanda Bell Brown-thirty-five years old, single, biological clock ticking-meets homicide detective Jazz Brown at a murder scene, the second crime of the night happens. Technically, there's nothing criminal about Bell and Jazz finding each other mutually irresistible, even at a murder scene, even after Bell hurls all over Jazz's expensive shoes. But Jazz, a.k.a. Mr. UNAVAILABLE, breaks all laws when he refuses to maintain a professional only relationship with Bell.

But it's not only Bell's exterior that Jazz takes a fancy to. Wanting her skills and training as a psychologist, Jazz hires Bell to help him solve the murder case. This, of course, sets the scene for the couple to spend plenty of time together and leads us into the frightening world of cults. I'll stop here with the plot as I don't want to be a spoiler, but rest assured the remaining plot points make the book well worth the read.

Though many suspense books are driven by their plot, and this one is not weak in that area by any means, it is the characters, vividly and clearly drawn through their dialogue and interactions that keep you reading long into the night. Witty, sassy, straightforward diva, Amanda Bell Brown comes to life in the book. It's been a while since I've read a book where the main character's voice really cemented the character in my mind without any physical description. And, here's the bonus. Not only does Bell live large in this book, she is joined with her fellow cast mates, each leaping onto the page with their dialogue and relationships.

Murder, Mayhem, and A Fine Man, is the first in the Amanda Bell Brown Mystery series with to Death, Deceit, and Some Smooth Jazz be released in April. Be quick now, pick up Murder, Mayhem, and A Fine Man, so you can savor each fabulous page before Death, Deceit, and Some Smooth Jazz is released.

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