Facing Your Giants,A David and Goliath Story for Everyday People by Max Lucado Christian Book Reviews And Information

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Facing Your Giants
A David and Goliath Story for Everyday People
by Max Lucado | Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: November 2006

Giants. We must face them. Yet, we need not face them alone.

This profound look at the life of David digs deeply into the defeats he suffered, and the victories he won, as he faced the giants in his life. When David focused on God, giants tumbled. But when David focused on giants he stumbled.

Goliaths still roam in our world. Debt. Disaster. Dialysis. Divorce. Deceit. Disease. Depression. These super-sized challenges swagger and strut into our lives, pilfering our sleep, embezzling our peace and robbing us of our joy. And while these giants try to dominate our lives, we know what to do! We've learned what David learned, and we do what David did. We become God focused. We pick up five stones. We make five decisions. And we take a swing.

Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover
EAN/ISBN: 0849901812
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Modernly Poetic | Posted April 23, 2013
 Max Lucado’s book Facing Your Giants is modernly poetic. Lucado’s style of writing is sophisticated yet understatedly simple. In this book Lucado takes the reader on a journey through the life of biblical hero David. You see David’s good and bad and how he faces his giants the different times of his life. I think it’s important to learn from other people’s mistakes, it allows you to save yourself from the misery of making the same mistakes and having to face the consequences of such. Lucado does a great job of relating David’s giants; to the giants we face today. I mean how many of us will be gunned down by our best friends father because we were just declared king? My guess is none. My favorite bit of advice from Lucado is the fact that David took five stones to fight Goliath. He suggests using your five fingers to remember those five rocks and what they stand for the fight your giant. In fact I am constantly looking at my fingers reminding myself of those stones. If a young-teenage Sheppard boy can beat his giant, I can beat mine. There is also a very helpful study guide to finish the book off.

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Facing Your Giants | Posted December 04, 2008
I loved this book. Max Lucado writes the best books. It really showed me how to conquer my "giants" with help from God. I would recommend that all Christians read this book.

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I love Max Lucado! | Posted May 12, 2008
Max is a GREAT author!
Im not quite done with this book yet, but I love it. Everyone has "giants" in their life, and this book really helped me open my eyes to the wonders of God and understand that if he can help and make a miracle out of David, he can do the same for me...and for you! Max takes a look through the story of David, as well as other stories, and relates them to modern times.
5 stars!

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