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Sing It Now - EP [edit]
by Poema | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 23, 2010

Music has always played a key role in the lives of acoustic pop duo Poema (PO-EM-UH). Sisters Shealeen and Elle discovered that songwriting is a pretty great vehicle for saying exactly whatís on their minds. Growing up in a close-knit family where music was an integral part of life, Shealeen and Elle inevitably followed in their parentís footsteps. The duo has shown immense dedication to perfecting their musical talent. Not only has Shealeen been classically trained in piano, but Elle basically taught herself to play guitar. Poema poured their hear and soul into their debut Tooth & Nail release, Sing It Now, with help from producer Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, The Almost, Copeland).

Track Listing
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01. 2 A.M.
02. City Boy
03. Feel The Same Way
04. Echo Off The Sky
05. Safe To Say
06. Blue Sweater

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LauraCC (257)

A good start | Posted March 23, 2010
Shealeen and Elle Puckett form the acoustic pop sister act known as Poema. Their debut for Tooth and Nail is like a piece of spice cake and a cup of soothing tea; the soft guitars, pianos and harmony of the sisters' voices are lovely together. But while there's no question that the music is clean sweet fluff about love and life that anybody can sing along with, there's not much of a religious message. Unless you count their pure approach to love shown by what they don't say, of course.

Many of the songs on this album were originally released on Poema's 2 demo EPs. "2 AM", a new song, is about the self-doubts of a girl who's still wondering at that time of night about what kind of impression she made on her date. Can't say I've ever shared the experience. "City Boy" describes a guy who feels special because a girl loves him. He's not just lost in the crowd. In "Feel The Same Way" they want to know just that; is their love returned? He hasn't said it in so many words and she's feeling insecure. The message of "Echo Off The Sky" (the chorus of which gives us the album title) is a little hard to pinpoint. I was expecting a song about prayers seeming to go unanswered, but it's apparently about taking risks and seeing the results of your bold actions come back to bless you.

I heard "Safe To Say" first on their myspace page (the original independent version) and that was the song that made me like Poema. A tender reassurance of love, this song ought to wind up on a commercial with cute, gap-toothed little kids and food in it. One of those sentimental first crush ones that melts your heart and goes viral on Youtube. The "Blue Sweater" in the song by the same name belongs to the person they miss and is something they cling to.

While Poema's debut is a pleasant listen, it's not overly religious. I look forward to a full album from these talented sisters.

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Poema "Sing It Now" | Posted January 23, 2011
I really enjoyed this album but wasn't sure what to think of it first. I saw them on so I expected more Christian themes to show up on the album. God is only mentioned once in Echo Off the Sky "I find the world in His fingers
He won't let me fall, won't let me fall
Yeah, He is here, He is speaking
You're not at fault, 'cause He paid it all". But after listening to the songs a couple times, I was in love.
The songs are all very sweet and show love that many teenagers can relate to. The love the girls portray is innocent and sweet, something that is usually not shown in popular culture. The girls' beautiful voices, heartfelt lyrics, and musical talent make this an enjoyable album. As a teenager, I can relate to these songs and the girls are great role models. I hope to see a full album from Poema soon with more songs that talk about their faith and testimonies.
My favorite song is Echo Off the Sky.

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