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Comedown [edit]
by Dreampilots | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 29, 2009

Hailing from the fjords of Scandinavia, the Norwegian rock band Dreampilots is embarking on their first North American album release titled “Comedown” slated for late September 2009. On a recent trip to US music convention Dreampilots stole the media’s attention and had them buzzing with their remarkable ability to craft penetrat- ing lyrics and edgy, rock soundscapes. Dreampilots is a sonic experience and a band that should not be missed on their follow-up national US tour slated for startup in late fall 2009.

Originally started as a project called Salvation Street, the first seeds of Dreampilots were sown by frontman, and former Word Records UK artist, Oddi Nessa, who set out across the Norwegian countryside with guitar on his back, and a deep desire to share his poetic musical tales with anyone who would listen. Oddi was soon joined by bass player, Gulleiv Wee, a founding member of the platinum selling pop band The September When, and production and keyboard maestro, Inge Engelsvold. The quartet was complete with the addition of Karl Oluf Wennerberg on drums, who is also touring and recording with the world renowned Universal Music Norway super-group a-ha. The sound that emerged is an atmospheric, pop-rock assault that grabs the listener by the shirt and demands to be listened to!

Track Listing
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01. Keep My Soul
02. Comedown
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03. Stones
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04. Eye Candy
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05. One More Time
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06. Pick Me Up
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07. Invisible Things
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08. Broken Man
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09. Begging You
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10. Walking Through Walls
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11. Throw Myself
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IronJedi (114)

Comedown Not Letdown | Posted October 13, 2009

Comedown is the North American debut from Norwegian rock band Dreampilots and, as expected, tends toward a heavily European style of pop rock. But the band does not limit themselves to a strictly continental sound. Hints of eclectically influenced modern acts as diverse as The Black Crowes, Sting and are also heard in the Dreampilots' sound.

The band does an admirable job of treading that fine line between retro coolness and rehashed datedness. Harkening back to the heyday of bands like Echo & the Bunnymen, Adam Ant, Siouxsie & the Banshees, and The Psychedelic Furs, Comedown is part homage, part reflection on bringing up-to-date, what made the old classic.

Comedown is a well crafted and well executed album from this talented group of Norwegian musicians. Fans of Fono, The Elms or any of the aforementioned bands should check their baggage and hop on the next Dreampilots flight.

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piano89 (45)

Comedown | Posted September 22, 2009
After creating a buzz at this year’s GMA awards, the Norwegian pop/rock outfit
Dreampilots is ready to release their debut, Comedown, here in the States. The cause for
all the buzz- Dreampilots unique sound, a seamless combination of classic pop/rock and
alternative rock elements of the band’s primary influence, Radiohead.

The two opening tracks “Keep My Soul” and “Comedown” have an early ‘70’s vibe with
Oddi’s warm vocals, synthesizer usage, and sizzling guitar riffs. Even with the classic
sound, both songs are very catchy and would appeal to today’s generation.

“Stones” references a passage in John chapter 8. In the passage, the Pharisees bring an
adulteress to Jesus and say, “In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such a woman.”
To that Jesus replies, “If any of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone
at her.” The song (and passage) asks listeners to examine themselves before passing
judgment on someone else’s sin and reminds “Only God should speak tonight.”

From the opening guitar riffs, “Broken Man” sounds like something pulled from the
Rolling Stones’ catalog. The first couple of lines pretty much sum up the song’s
message- “Forgive me Lord for the times I didn’t see You/I was too busy staring at

“Stones” and “Broken Man” offer the most straightforward messages on the album,
however most of the remaining songs aren’t as clear-cut. “Invisible Things” is especially
ambiguous and just downright bizarre in spots- “Indian scream/Haunting me/I feel the
heat/On the battlefield/On top of the world/Kings and queens/The lion is friendly/Ruling
the scene.”

From a lyrical standpoint, it’s difficult to determine the exact message being conveyed
throughout the album. But, while it’s not explicit, Comedown does carry a semblance of
hope. Musically, Dreampilots brings a remarkably refreshing style of music to CCM;
creativity oozes out of every aspect of Comedown.

Closing Thoughts:
It’s not too often that I come across an album so unique as Comedown. Yet the music
isn’t so aberrant that it’s not accessible. Comedown has the potential to appeal to classic
pop/rock fans and contemporary pop/rock fans alike.

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Great Band | Posted November 27, 2010
This band hailing from Norway will blow you away with their sound ranging from pop rock to pure rock. They bring a strong message to all listeners, and hit men hard with the song "Broken Man". They are rock n' from beginning to end. Check out this band from Oslo today.

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So Far... | Posted December 22, 2009
I've only heard one song from this album, keep my soul, but it is really good. If the rest of this album is as good as that song, then this band will definitely become a favorite soon.

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The tip worked | Posted November 17, 2009
Usually, when I get the "tip of the week" from NRT, it's kind of an obligation to go see who and what and is it worth more than a 20 second listen. FINALLY, you blew me away this week with Dreampilots. This has joined the ranks of Decemberadio and a few select others that immediately grab the ear and go "Wow, that's really interesting". Steeped in a rock tradition, but paying attention to a forward style, "Comedown" was bought immediately on first sample. The soundscapes are rich, with perhaps hundreds of different textures. It challenges you to THINK, not just painting a rehash of the obvious in both lyric and music. Please do not allow the AR people to ruin this excellent band. we do not need another Casting Crowns, we need more originality and those who are willing to stretch the horizon while keeping the precious capability to grab the ear and MAKE you want to listen. Love this record ...possible that I may even come back with 5 stars.

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