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Speaking Louder Than Before [edit]
by Jeremy Camp | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 25, 2008

Jeremy's raw honesty and musical diversity drive the passionate, faith-filled lyrics of his most personal album yet. From rousing pop to hard rock to soft ballads, he takes hold of your heart and soul in "Slow Down Time," "Capture Me," "There Will Be a Day," "I'm Alive," "Healing Hand of God," "So in Love," "My Fortress," and more.

Track Listing
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01. Slow Down Time
02. Capture Me
03. Speaking Louder Than Before
04. There Will Be A Day
05. I Know Who I Am
06. I'm Alive
07. You Will Be There
08. Healing Hand Of God
09. So In Love
10. My Fortress
11. Giving You All Control
12. Surrender
13. NRT Video PodCast (Not On Album)
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Jeremy Camp's Top 10 of 2008! | Posted December 17, 2008
Jeremy Camp has experienced the depth of God's mercy after losing his first wife Melissa to cancer. His debut album Stay featured songs expressing Jeremy's reliance on God including I Still Believe and Walk By Faith which hooked me immediately because they are so personal and biblical. Jeremy has gone on to become a best-selling artist with hit songs Take You Back, Let It Fade and Give You Glory and for me each album has improved on telling that personal faith journey that Jeremy is walking, particularly since marriage to his wife Adrienne, also an accomplished artist formerly in the band The Benjamin Gate and now solo with a great album of her own, Don't Wait by Adie.

Speaking Louder Than Before, Jeremy's newest album has a cohesiveness and maturity that I can hear in every song. The opener Slow Down Time has a Brit-Rock feel with a piano-driven intro and the theme is great in our fast-paced society. There Will Be A Day is one of the best songs Jeremy has ever recorded with these amazing lyrics: There will be a day with no more tears no more pain and no more fears, There will be a day when the burdens of this place will be no more, We?ll see Jesus face to face, But until that day we?ll hold on to you always. There's a great mix of uptempo songs such as Capture Me and the great title track and some reflective ballads including You Will Be There and the closing song Surrender. For me, this album is top 10 of 2008.

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Nathan (188)

Speaking Louder than Before is not Jeremy Camp's best 'day' | Posted November 26, 2008
Ever since Stay came out in 2002 Jeremy camp has been regarded as one of the top Christian artists as Camp has even received back-to-back Dove awards Male Vocalist. So it should come as no surprise that Speaking Louder than Before be among the year’s most anticipated releases as Jeremy Camp continues his worship/rock blend that appeals to a verity of listeners.

Jeremy Camp has a wonderful talent, similar to tobyMac, in the way that he can sparkle in many ways. Camp’s vocals are impressive as always especially on “capture me” where they sound passionate. The only problem with the song is the riffs and the light tune create a rough mix that could have been fixed by either speeding up the tune or slowing it down. Alas if minor problems like those were the only problems on the album Speaking Louder than Before would have been a hit. As it stands the first song “slow down time” which is an upbeat light rock tune is very underwhelming like “I know who I am” which is not notable except for the bells after the chorus. The praise and worship song, “my fortress” is rather basic and undemanding along with “you will be there” which has some aggressive vocals by Camp along with it’s inspirational tune but it’s very average.

Also counteracting the worship and light rock adult contemporary songs both on his albums and the radio charts have been Camps often electric rock songs. Speaking Louder than Before is no different, however his latest rock efforts fall short when compared to “breathe”, “Lay down my Pride”, “tonight”, “take my life”. The title track is upbeat, and the tune moves into very up tempo medium rock/pop, leaving it too light to be considered a real rock song and too fast to appeal to hard core praise and worship fans. Although “I’m alive” is an intense rock tune it feels like the song was forced into being a rock song instead of letting it flow. The result is a so-so song with a dreadful bridge that has absolutely no place in the song. The same forced feeling shows up again on “give you all control” which just doesn’t have enough drive to make it a smooth hard song even with its riffs and Jeremy’s attempt to make the song with his vocals.

The first hit single “there will be a day” is tremendous with the way the soft emotional music meets Jeremy’s voice and is probably the strongest track on that album. While some songs unfortunately lacked the fire that had been consistent with previous Jeremy Camp albums, one song that is flowing with it is “healing hand of God”. The hooks and riffs really shine on a pretty heavy ballad that makes it one of the memorable tracks. Musically the album doesn’t end on a terrific note but there were not very complaints made on the emotionally charged finally of Beyond Measure (“give me Jesus). The theme is continued with “surrender”, a simple ballad that ends up being a nice way to end the album.

The lyrics are definitely one of the biggest acts for Jeremy Camp because songs like “this man”, “take you back”, and “stay” didn’t become big hits just because they sounded good. The title track sets the tone for the message of the album with its call to believers to reach out with our light (‘Let's show them the love that we've received now’) and it’s followed perfectly by “there will be a day” which reflects on heaven at the end of the believers mission on earth. Sacrifice and redemption have always been common themes for Camp; the former is displayed on “surrender” and “give you all control” while the latter “I’m alive” contemplates the change in the singers life (‘I’m alive I’m alive like i’ve never been/Been revived from the lies that were deep within’). The Biblical “fortress” is a sound song while “I know who I am” briefly compares God to man in a battle that is over as we ‘fall down’ before him.

However there are moments on Speaking Louder than Before where Camps lyrics sound rather basic and shallow. The title of “Slow down time” doesn’t really fit with the chorus well and while the lyrics (‘the fullness of your glory is beyond my comprehension, there’s no greater joy than being with you my king’) are true that doesn’t change the simplicity of them. There isn’t much which reflects maturity in the song writing on “So in love” except that the song is realistic with ‘I’ll always try to bring I’ll try to bring you everything’ (note the ‘try’ part). “Capture me” rates a little above your run-of-the-mill praise and worship track, and “you will be there” isn’t all that complex.

Overall Speaking Louder than before is a solid album; a few rock tunes, several inspirational songs and many worship songs with dependable lyrics. However fans who was enjoyed Jeremy Camp for his rock song may be listening to older songs instead of the forced hard tunes. And with the exception of “There will be a day” little is absolutely jaw dropping leaving Speaking Louder than Before a great pick for fans.

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Jeremy Camp [Speaking Louder Than Before] | Posted November 25, 2008
November 25th is a great day for fans of Jeremy Camp as his fifth studio album, Speaking Louder than Before, joins his 3 RIAA Gold albums on shelves across America. The album was recorded this past summer in Nashville, TN and was co-produced by Camp and Brown Bannister. I will try not to be bias on this review since I have been a Jeremy Camp fan since his debut album, Stay.

This new album grabbed me from the very beginning with the song, “Slow Down Time.” I absolutely loved the message of this song! He sings about wishing he could slow down time so that he could spend more time with God. This is such a cry that all of us should strive for. Thankfully the great message does not end with the first song but resonates throughout the whole album. Jeremy’s wife, Adie Camp, joins him for the songs, “Healing Hand of God,” and “Surrender.” They do a wonderful job singing together, especially on the song, “Surrender”. This song is truly anointed and a definite must listen.

The Christian music industry is a big industry and sometimes can pull people after the almighty dollar and sometimes that same dollar will pull a Godly artist away from their message, but one thing I love about Jeremy is that he has never sold out and he proves that in his new album. In fact along with this album he has produced video devotions that go along with each of the 12 songs. These videos will be an awesome resource to not only learn more about the song but could be used in Bible study as well.

Speaking of videos, the music video for the title track, “Speaking Louder Than Before,” will be coming soon. This is a great album and I am excited to see what it does for the kingdom of God. I found it to be very uplifting and an inspiration to me as I listened to it. I highly recommend this album to not only to Campers (Camp fans) but all others. Give this album a GO and you will not be disappointed.

Jeremy has had great success with his other albums with over 3.5 million in album sales and I wish him nothing but huge success with this new album. It truly is an album that will be a great listen and also effective in ministry. My closing thought, GO OUT AND GET IT!

Rating: 9.2 out of 10 (92%, A-)

Review written by: Dale Clayton | Review can also be found here.

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He may have just turned 30 years old, but Jeremy Camp is just as passionate or perhaps even more on fire for impacting the lives of young people than he was during pre-artistry days of youth ministry. That’s certainly an admirable place to be, especially for a singer/songwriter who’s shattered sales and singles’ records. Though rather than grasping for the next notch in his belt, Camp’s new album, Speaking Louder Than Before, also makes it evident that faith and family always comes first.

In fact, that sentiment is immediately apparent on the vibrant Brit-popper “Slow Down Time,” which is stylistically reminiscent of Lifehouse’s recent material as it talks about unplugging from all outside distractions and sitting before the Lord’s throne in praise. The string-enhanced ballad “There Will Be a Day” hints of someday being able to carve out that time, concurrently encouraging those going through strife of any magnitude that there’s hope at the end of the heartache. For those who do choose the ultimate life source, the easygoing acoustics throughout “Healing Hand of God” provide a glimpse of that freedom, while the sputtering rocker “I’m Alive” is loaded with spiritual liberation.

The orchestrated rocker “I Know Who I Am” certainly applies to any age group, but is especially empowering for young people trying to find their path in life and facing several pressure-filled snares along the way. “Capture Me” also talks about abandoning any part of one’s identity that isn’t clothed in Christ with the soft-spoken “Surrender” bringing those reflections full circle as an ode of all-out abandonment. No matter what the topic, Camp once again grows as a writer and vertically focused entertainer whose continuously developing testimony is just as inspiring as the reflections sewn across Speaking Louder Than Before. –Andy Argyrakis

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Jeremy Camp's "Speaking Louder Than Before": A Review | Posted November 16, 2008
by C.E. Moore

Christian music’s “It boy” is back with a new bag of tricks. Okay, well he’s not back with a new bag of tricks. He’s back with 12 new songs that stick pretty close to the formula that’s made him intensely popular. Though, there is a certain maturity here that his previous works have lacked. In a nutshell: Jeremy Camp is poised to win yet another Dove Award with his latest studio release “Speaking Louder Than Before.”

Camp has always boasted distinct vocals and a big, crisp sound that draws the listener in. His lyrics have never been all that amazing, but they’ve been heartfelt and constantly find ways to connect with different audiences. “Speaking Louder Than Before” continues that trend.

“Slow Down Time” kicks things off and Camp establishes his firm presence. It’s a lyrical “Miss me?” to his fans and first time listeners. Tapping into that longing that many of us have to slow down time so that we can lengthen the intense moments that we share with God. At the same time, this song is radio-friendly enough that some might mistake it for a simple love song to a woman. “Capture Me” is a number that will likely hit the college worship circuit pretty quickly. Raucous guitars, strident drums, and powerful vocals—this is vintage Jeremy Camp. Title track “Speaking Louder Than Before” is also the lead single off the album and has already been making the rounds on Christian AC radio. It’s not the strongest offering on the album, by any means. In fact, it feels like one of those “obligatory” tracks thrown in to please a certain constituency in the Christian subculture. “There Will Be Day” is powerful. A great ballad, Jeremy Camp really shines and displays a newfound vocal dexterity. While it could be argued that Camp is a seasoned professional, he seems more comfortable here than he has in the past. His voice eases over the track, blending nicely with the instruments without ever being overpowering or underwhelming. The theme of the song is nothing new, yet Camp’s presence convinces me that it is worth playing more than once. “You Will Be There” boasts a nice orchestral feel and I can only imagine what this piece will look like in a live setting.

But, as with any album, there are some flaws. Actually, it is Camp’s professionalism and know-how that make the flaws so glaring. “I’m Alive,” in my humble opinion, is a total miss. I don’t know what it was, but it smacks of everything I hate about Christian music. The cheese factor is high as Camp treads Carman and Chapman territory. Not to mention, it just feels like a step backwards musically. If it had come out seven or eight years ago, sure. Now? Not buying it. “Giving You All Control” suffers from the same problem. It’s a “rocker,” if that’s what you want to call it, but it just comes across as childish and stupid. Middle school youth groups might like it. But, middle schoolers are becoming more sophisticated.

When considering the album as a whole, the pros far outweigh the cons. Camp is in a place in his career where he could sing about nothing at all and his fans would swoon. But, there is a level of maturity and comfort here not displayed in his earlier efforts. Jeremy Camp is growing up and so is his sound. Long time fans and new fans alike will enjoy “Speaking Louder Than Before.”

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My Thoughts | Posted February 19, 2011
 Speaking Louder Than Before is my favorite Jeremy Camp album.I LOVE the song Speaking Louder Than Before! In this CD he tells how there is a need to help this generation find God's love.I believe heis right.

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bigmac (16)

awesome | Posted August 26, 2010
I really enjoyed this cd. I didn't know what to think at first after winning it off a radio station. But once i listened to it, I knew that how good Jeremy Camp really was. He has a great voice. My favorites are Speaking Louder than Before, Slow Down Time, and There Will Be A Day. I am sure that anyone who listens to this cd will enjoy it.

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Awesome CD | Posted August 24, 2010
The best songs on this CD include Speaking Louder than Before and Slow Down Time. I love the themes of surrender, worship, and standing up for what is right.

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eah92 (49)

He continues to amaze.. | Posted June 14, 2009
This album is by far one of the better of his albums, which is saying so much. All of his albums leading up to this have been so great. Each song on the album brings a new story!! I love it!

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Based in the Word. | Posted May 26, 2009
I have been listening to this CD since it came out. Usually by this time, I am tired of a CD. I have yet to get tired of this CD. Everything that Jeremy Camp does is grounded in the Scripture. His songs are uplifting, and encouraging. There Will Be A Day and Speaking Louder Than Before are certainly the headline songs, but there are several others, such as Capture Me, that are just as capable of making a headline. The more I listen to Jeremy Camp, the more I love his music. I went to Stadium Fest a few weeks ago, and was walking out, and I just happened to walk by his bus, which was parked behind the stadium. He was around talking to some of his friends i guess, but a few of my friends and I stopped, and spoke to him. I told him I enjoyed how everything he did was from the Word, and he said "Yeah man, that's what it's all about." Great music from a great guy.

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There will be a day | Posted January 08, 2009
I love this cd but There will be a day is my favorite song on it "There will be a with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears" it's a real encouraging song.

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