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Phenomenon [edit]
by Thousand Foot Krutch | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: September 30, 2003

Thousand Foot Krutch wrote their name on the rock slate with the release of what was rated one of 2003's most anticipated albums, "Phenomenon." The album was recorded in the summer of 2003 at The Compound in Seattle, WA. Alongside producer, Aaron Sprinkle ( Anberlin, Demon Hunter, Holland ), the 12 tracks laid down combine to form a cohesive, yet diverse whole that evades musical genres and blurs the line between hard rock and hip-hop. No doubt the future holds good things for these Toronto boys.

Track Listing
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01. Phenomenon
02. Step To Me
03. Last Words
04. This Is A Call
05. Rawkfist
06. Faith, Love and Happiness
07. I Climb
08. Quicken
09. New Design
10. Bounce
11. Ordinary
12. Break The Silence

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Nathan (188)

Rawk Fist!! | Posted September 17, 2007
Thousand foot Crutch's second album Phenomenon, is easily one of the best Christian rock CDs.

Without being too hard or too soft, Thousand foot Crutch does a great job with the music, as they really put a lot into each song. The singles "bounce" and "rawk fist" are very solid songs, as they really set the tone for the album. "This is a call" is a softer song which is also made with the same quality as the rest. The title track might be the best, as the beat, and flow of the song are terrific. There might not be enough diversity for some listeners who might think the twelve tracks sound too similar.

The lyrics are not as great as the music, but still are solid at parts. "this is a call" and "last words" are great messages among others. However is seems that the band just puts words in their songs to make them longer at times. Also the feel of the album is that thousand foot crutch just wants to rock, without putting anything into their lyrics.

The lyrics are a bit iffy, but overall Phenomenon a tremendous rock album from Thousand Foot Crutch which is arguably their best.

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Phenomenal! ;) | Posted September 05, 2012
This album is amazing!  It really is a phenomenon! :)  This album is the transition from the rap-rock that was present in Set it Off to more of a rock sound!  Once again, every song on the album is awesome!  It's so amazing to see how much growth TFK has had over the years.

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Phenomenal! | Posted September 21, 2009
In their sophomore release, Phenomenon, Thousand Foot Krutch is moving from rap/hip hop, to hard core rock. The songs range from a slow This is a Call, to a hard rocking Rawkfist, and a heavy but very thoughtful Last Song. Lead singer Trevor McNevan writes about a fight with Satan, and on New Design he sings on being a new person after Christ changes him. Overall, this is most likely Thousand Foot Krutch's best effort, and will certainly be remembered as one of the best rock albums of all time.

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Solid Album | Posted September 18, 2009
Phenomenon was an excellent album. Great representative of Thousand Foot Krutch's style. It had songs with hard rock, rap vibes, and even a slow ballad. If you were looking for an album to listen to front to back, this would be it. One of my favourite songs on this album that does not get as much play as the other songs have got would be "Bounce", as well as "Step to Me". So if you are just going iTunes this, make sure you don't just get the title track and single. 5 stars.

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Rawk on! | Posted August 27, 2009
this is thousand foot krutch at their very best. There is not a bad song on this album. My favorite song obviously is rawkfist. Other favorites are bounce, this is a call, and faith, love, and happiness. Phenomenon is good too.
This is their hardest record to date (although i think welcome to the masquerade is going to be much harder and better). They are consistent throughout it, and doesn't get boring. Right now i think thousand foot krutch is in my top 5 bands. Trevor McNeaven is very talented with thousand foot krutch and fm static.

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Great Collection. | Posted August 15, 2009
Thousand Foot Krutch has a place in my music-heart. Being the first band i ever liked, i was shocked when i found out they were also christian. And this CD, one of the first purchases on a CD i ever made, did not disappoint. Great songs are here, and almost all of them are simply great. My favorites being Phenomenon, Step to Me, and I Climb. I would recommend this CD to almost anyone who likes good rock and awesome lyrics.

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am1996g (10)

Amazing Sophmore!! | Posted August 08, 2009
Thousand Foot Krutch Phenomenon was a random CD I bought because I had heard of them. When I bought it and started to listen to it, TFK became my favorite band almost immediatley. It is a hard rock album with many great adrenaline pumping songs like Rawkfist and Phenomenon. I think that TFK is a spectacular artist and this album is a fantastic sophmore project. I'm looking forward to getting Welcome To The Masquerade.

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Davacy (1)

Phenomenon | Posted May 08, 2009
Thousand Foot Krutch is one of the coolest rock Bands you could ever listen to. They now come up with the album Phenomenom and its the bomb. When you listen to most album's you find out that only about 4 songs out of the whole album is cool, but this is different every song is unique and the lyrics are WOW!!! If I were you I'll to a music store and grab a copy.

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Fantastic | Posted October 22, 2008
TFK is incredible!!!!!!!!!!! I loved them the second I heard "Puppet." Step To Me,Ordinary,I Climb,and Bounce are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Thsi cd is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!

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Great Cd | Posted July 19, 2008
I love this Cd!
When I first listened to this cd I was dancing like crazy!!!!!
It's a fun Album and I never get tired of it.
Any TFK fan would love it!

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