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Beyond Measure [edit]
by Jeremy Camp | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 31, 2006

Jeremy Camp's latest release, Beyond Measure, continues to showcase his powerful voice that earned him back-to-back Male Vocalist of the Year honors at the GMA Dove Awards. The new album is promising to be more edgy, organic and keyboard-oriented while featuring more vocal experimentation.

Track Listing
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01. Tonight
02. What It Means
03. Beyond Measure
04. Let It Fade
05. Feels Like
06. When You Are Near
07. No Matter What
08. Take A Little Time
09. Everything
10. I Am Nothing
11. Give You Glory
12. Give Me Jesus

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Beyond Measure, top 10 of 2006! | Posted September 18, 2007
At first I was a little bit disappointed in this album compared to the brilliance of "Restored" and "Live Unplugged" and certain artists like Jeremy Camp have set the bar so high that even great albums like "Beyond Measure" need to be savored for awhile and then are better appreciated as compared to other albums from the same year. As a result, this is in my top 10 of 2006 with some of Jeremy's best tracks ever, like "Give You Glory", "Let It Fade", "Beyond Measure" and "What It Means". A great companion album is his wife Adie's "Don't Wait", also top 10.

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Jeremy Camp [Beyond Measure] | Posted November 25, 2008
Not another watered down, mushy, lets-hold-hands-and-feel-good CD” I said to myself as I opened Jeremy Camp’s newest album. I reluctantly put the CD into my laptop to load onto my mp3 player. As the CD downloaded I sat there drinking a glass of sweet tea. Finally the CD downloaded and Jeremy Camp took his place in the mp3 player among others like the O.C. Supertones, Disciple, Demon Hunter, Five Iron Frenzy, and so on.

As you can see Jeremy Camp was the goose in my row of ducks. Nevertheless I put on my headphones and pressed play. Right from the beginning of the CD, within the first couple songs, I heard the same message being talked about. Faith and sacrifice I kept hearing in the lyrics. I would hear things like “…show me what it means to live my life a sacrifice…I always leave everything to You…” Just that line alone could sum up the CD. As I cycled through the songs I kept hearing “faith and sacrifice” being talked about.

Finally I reached the end of the album and began to think. “Faith and sacrifice” were running through my head over and over again. I thought to myself, these two things are what all, if not most, Christians struggle with every day of their lives. Two simple concepts on their own, but when coupled together, seem impossible to live by, because without one you can not have the other.

This album, even though it lacked the musical aggression I enjoy, challenged my walk and made me think. I will end this review with two Bible verses and a quote. Look up Hebrews 11:1 and Romans 12:1. I would just write them out for you but I like to know that you are using your Bible for something besides a lint catcher.

Here is a quote from a man who inspires me to study and learn the Bible more, his name is Matt Morginsky the former lead singer for the O.C. Supertones, “I agree with having faith, but its faith in Christ we need not some blind leap into irrationality.”


Rating: 9.0 out of 10 (90%, A-)

Review written by: Mike Strubie | Review can also be found here.

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Nathan (188)

What does THIS CD mean? | Posted February 15, 2008
Jeremy Camp has one good voice. It's gotten him a pair of male vocalist awards by the GMA. Throw in tons of hit singles and you have on impressive and popular artist. Jermey Camps' newest album Beyond Measure is, at first glance, another powerful mix of rock, and worship music with great lyrics.

In a deeper glance everyone learns they have been scammed, well that is if you only listened to the radio. His number one rock hit "tonight" and his medium to light rock smash single "let it fade" are only two of three actual rock songs on the album, the other being "no matter what". There is no doubt that "tonight" is a top notch rock song, and so is "no matter what", even if the latter is a little gritty. The rest of the album is worship music, with the majority being rather soft.

For those radio stations that didn't play Camp's rock music they got the hits "what it means" and "give you glory" which are pretty good worship songs in terms of music. The title track "beyond measure" has a slow start but is a pretty good light rock song. Jeremy's voice is really high on "feels like", which isn't all that good, and neither is the disjointed soft music. "When you are near" is slow but is appealing for some reason, the rest of the tunes on his album are really soft.

One thing is for sure with Jeremy Camp's lyrics: he's really big into sacrifice. From the title track to "no matter what", "to what it means" are all about being more of oneself and more like God. It's also interesting to note how his rock songs messages are always clear. However his messages get really repetitive, if you hear four songs of his album you have heard them all. "give me Jesus" is heavily repetitive, and while it may sound emotional what is it really saying: In the morning when I rise/Give me Jesus/When I am alone/ When I come to die; now you have hear the song.

The radio can be deceptive when it comes to music, and Beyond Measure is a perfect example, so doesn't buy the album simply because you have heard a few rock songs on the radio. The lyrics are good, however how many times do we need to hear a similar message before it gets old? Thirteen times? If so Jeremy Camp succeeds on this album.

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LauraCC (255)

want this | Posted November 17, 2009
Of all the songs I've heard of this album, I like them all because Jeremy has a knack for making a song great. "Tonight" "What It Means" "Give You Glory" are well written.

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A Great | Posted November 14, 2009
Jeremy Camp had been known for many albums all of which are meaningful and deep. I was, however, reluctant when my mom purchased this for me because I was ready for some rock-n-roll, but it was still a great album. I was beginning to move out of my bubblegum pop phase, and I loved his way of being pop-y and rock-y at the same time. I love "Tonight" and it was number one most listened to song for quite some time. "No Matter What" also had great music and a great message behind it. A great album for sure, and it doesn't surprise me that Speaking Louder Than Before was good too.

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Beyond Measure | Posted July 30, 2009
The album beyond measure is an outstanding album!!!!!!!
It id fun and you really get into the music.
It is great for all moods.
awesome job Jeremy Camp

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Great! | Posted December 13, 2008
I absolutely love this Album! He has an amazing voice. I saw him at winter Jam 07 and he sang alot of songs from this album. I loved his preformance!!!

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Amazing! | Posted November 09, 2008
Jeremy Camp has and will always be one of the best all time christian artists. His lyrics are amazing and this album is the best. Can't wait until his new album coming soon!!

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AWESOME ! | Posted October 07, 2008
i love jeremy camp's music! it is vibrant, passionate, beautiful, and glorifying to God. each song is unique and well written.... Great cd and i am excited for more !!!!!!!!!

God BLESS YOU !! Jeremy Camp you rock!!

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Mitzy (107)

LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! | Posted September 24, 2008
I love this ablum.... really good and i would listen to it over and over!!!!! really awesome cd!!!! love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Give Me Jesus | Posted September 11, 2008
I totally love this song! I wake up to it every morning, and it gives me peace of mind throughout the day. I always find myself singing it, and so when I'm stuck with something and I forget who to turn to, this amazing little song always wanders right back into my head, and I go straight to Jesus.
I think that so many times we forget who to turn to for help, and even just the little things like a worship song, gets you back to where you should be. The world needs Jesus, and so many people are pushing him away every single day... we all truly need Jesus.

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