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Interrobang [edit]
by Switchfoot | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 20, 2021

Track Listing
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01. Beloved
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02. Lost 'Cause
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03. Fluorescent
04. If I Were You
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05. The Bones of Us
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06. Splinter
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07. I Need You (To Be Wrong)
08. The Hard Way
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09. Wolves
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10. Backwards In Time
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11. Electricity
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Entry last edited by BraddenFord_NRT on 08.20.21

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An Unleashing of Creativity | Posted August 09, 2021
What You Need To Know
Switchfoot is an alt-rock band that has been making music since 1997. years. Since the release of their album Learning to Breathe featuring the hit song "Dare You To Move," the band has been making a profound impact in the music industry. The band has released many crossover singles, and their songs have found their way into movies like A Walk To Remember, Unbroken: Path to Redemption, and many others. Over the past 24 years, Switchfoot has been reaching people with this simple message: hope is the anthem. Their songs are brimming with hope, while also asking questions about life and faith. Their new 11-track album Interrobang continues in that theme and provides listeners with a thought-provoking soundtrack.

What it Sounds Like
I was slightly skeptical about Interrobang at first. It's different from anything Switchfoot has released before, but at the same time, it's an album that only Switchfoot could make. It's filled with creativity. From front to back, the album has an experimental sound mixed with those classic Switchfoot guitar riffs. From the energetic track "Splinter" to the deeper sounding "Wolves," the band shows off their musical abilities throughout the record. They pushed the boundaries of genres and somehow created a record that is so unique to Switchfoot. Interrobang blended all the sounds of rock and pop, and together it formed an outstanding album. Switchfoot took a risk with Interrobang, and it certainly paid off.

Spiritual Highlights
"i need you (to be wrong)" was our first taste of this new era of Switchfoot music, and it really is the song that shapes this whole album. Both lyrically and musically, it sets the stage for the rest of these songs. We need each other, and that's the theme of this whole record. Our world is divided, and this album invites listeners to look at the perspective of others. "if i were you" captures that with the question, "If I were you/And you were me/Would we still be doomed to disagree?" In a world full of confusion and hate, the Bible still says, "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." We always want to be right, and we always want things to happen our own way. But the truth is--whether we're right or wrong-- we're all made in the image of God. Unity is possible, and that's the overarching theme in these songs.

Best Song on the Record
Every single track on this record is unique, and each one is different from the other. But the stand-out song would have to be "beloved." It's a powerful, timely anthem. The song is a cry for change, and it speaks of where our world is currently at. Originally, I was confused as to why Switchfoot would name their album Interrobang. An interrobang is a punctuation that looks like a question mark and an exclamation point. But "beloved" is the perfect example of this. It's filled with both questioning and hope. The opening line, "Maybe all the world is insecure, maybe all of us are looking for a cure," exemplifies this questioning and longing. While the chorus provides a possibility of hope, "If only I could open up my eyes, would the truth be what would set me free?" The song captures this tug-of-war between questioning and the longing for answers in a beautiful way. "beloved" truly defines the meaning of Interrobang.

For Fans Of
NEEDTOBREATHE, Jon Foreman, Colony House, Lifehouse

Final Word
Interrobang marks a new era for Switchfoot. 2020 was a hard year, but out of it came so much incredible music; including this new record. This is one of the most creative albums we've seen from Switchfoot, and I'm so excited to see what else they have up their sleeve. They always have a way of coming up with songs that are relatable and relevant, and they accomplished that once again with this new album. Even after 24 years as a band, Switchfoot still continues to innovate and come up with unique ways to make music. They continue to inspire me, and they're truly leaving a legacy. Their music means so much to me, and they keep blowing me away with their endless flow of creativity. Interrobang proved that Switchfoot has some serious talent. You can listen to Interrobang on August 20 on Spotify or Apple Music.


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BPence (159)

New Sound from Switchfoot | Posted August 20, 2021
interrobang is Switchfoot’s 12th studio album and the follow-up to 2019’s Native Tongue album and 2020’s forgettable Covers EP. It was produced by Tony Berg. The album’s title comes from a punctuation mark ‽ designed for use especially at the end of an exclamatory rhetorical question.  
This is a serious album that features an experimental late 1960’s era pop sound, with familiar Switchfoot guitars and good backing vocals. The band stated that the album is unlike anything they’ve ever made before, and I agree with that. I give the band credit for not resting on their laurels, and instead pushing themselves. Though I found the music fresh, some of the lyrics are vague to the point of being hard to determine the message/meaning, and there is minimal explicit Christian content, which may make it difficult for these songs to get Christian radio airplay. Although Switchfoot is one of my favorite bands, this is not one of my favorite albums by them, and I probably won't revisit it much in the future. Themes on the album include questions, love, looking for truth and light, disagreeing, being wrong and learning things the hard way.     
Below are a few comments about each song: 
beloved – This song about looking for truth and light was written by Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman and Tony Berg. The song features keyboards, drums, guitar, bass, backing vocals and a Beatle sounding chorus. If he could open his eyes, would the truth be what would set him free. He can’t find the truth in the news or his social media feed.
Key lyrics:
I'm still looking for the truth
But I can't seem to find it in the news
Maybe I'll start singing like the blues, maybe

lost ‘cause – This song was written by Jon Foreman and Tim Foreman. The song features a driving beat, led by guitar, drums and bass. The guitar work on this song stands out, reminding me of The Edge from U2 .   
Key lyrics:
Are we a lost cause?
Are we just lost 'cause
We won't be the future we refuse to see?

fluorescent - This song was written by Jon Foreman. The song opens with guitar and cello and then breaks out with a heavy rock drum, bass, keyboards and backing vocals. Foreman sings about being a moth outside a window, beating his wings against the front porch light. It’s a call to a woman he’s dreaming of, and his wings can’t sustain him too much longer. He wonders how long it will be until his florescent girl is his.  
Key lyrics:
We are always separate, always near
if i were you – This song was written by Jon Foreman and Tim Foreman. The upbeat song is driven by a fast bass beat and drums, with guitar, keyboards and backing vocals. There are references to being 2020 enemies, Twitter, fear, and disagreeing.     
Key lyrics:
If I were you
And you were me
Would we still be doomed

To disagree?
the bones of us - This song was written by Jon Foreman and Tim Foreman. The ballad has Foreman reflecting on a relationship. The song features guitar, keyboards, bass, light percussion, backing vocals and a memorable chorus. 
Key lyrics:
Our heart's like a flood
That washes us new
I'm fighting for us
But most of all, for you

splinter – This rocker was written by Jon Foreman and Tim Foreman. The song features a driving beat led by drums, guitar and bass. It also features backing vocals and keyboards. It’s only illusions. Who can take the broken splinters from his head?  
Key lyrics:
My mind is at war
I lie awake in bed
Like a splinter in my hand
Like a splinter in my head

i need you (to be wrong) – This mid-tempo song, which was started a decade ago, was written by Jon Foreman and Tim Foreman. The song features guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and backing vocals. Often times we need the other to be wrong, but we find out that we were both wrong.   
Key lyrics:
All along we both were wrong
I need you
the hard way – This upbeat song was written by Jon Foreman and Tim Foreman. The song features guitar, backing vocals, bass, drums. He always learns things the hard way.     
Key lyrics:
Maybe there's no such thing as a rewind
There's no way to go back in time
I learn best from the replay
I always learn things the hard way

wolves – This song was written by Jon Foreman. Musically, this song is unlike any other on the album. The song features cello, bass, drums and backing vocals. All of his world is a collision and spin. It’s my least favorite song on the album.    
Key lyrics:
All of my world's a collision and spin
Hope is a war that we're already in
backwards in time – This mid-tempo love song was written by Jon Foreman and Tim Foreman. The song features guitar, bass, drums, Sgt. Pepper type sound effects, vocals from Tim Foreman and backing vocals. The song is about going back in time to give a relationship one more try.
Key lyrics:
If we could go back, would we take the same path?
If we knew what we know?
electricity – This love song was written by Jon Foreman. The song features guitar, drums, backing vocals and Sgt. Pepper type sound effects.   
Key lyrics:
Come on, hang up and hang out
Best songs: 
lost ‘cause
the bones of us
if i were you
the hard way

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