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Chris Tomlin & Friends [edit]
by Chris Tomlin | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel | Release Date: July 31, 2020

The project includes 13 tracks with Chris featuring super stars Florida Georgia Line, who also executive produced the album, Lady A and Thomas Rhett as well as several of today's biggest country music artists including Russell Dickerson, Chris Lane, RaeLynn, Cassadee Pope and Brett Young in addition to Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE, Blessing Offor and We The Kingdom. Chris Tomlin & Friends will be available digitally on July 31 and newly announced today a physical album will be released on August 28.

"For me, this record is a step towards breaking down the walls of the Christian genre and allowing the music to be accessible to a wider audience," said Chris. "That's my understanding of the Gospel. Music about faith, God, salvation and forgiveness doesn't only have to come from the Christian genre."

Track Listing
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01. Thank You Lord (Intro)
02. Thank You Lord (feat. Thomas Rhett & Florida Georgia Line)
03. Reaching For You (feat. We The Kingdom)
04. Who You Are To Me (feat. Lady A)
05. God Who Listens (feat. Thomas Rhett)
06. Power (feat. Bear Rinehart of Needtobreathe)
07. Be The Moon (feat. Brett Young & Cassadee Pope)
08. Sing (feat. Russell Dickerson & Florida Georgia Line)
09. Chase Me Down (feat. Raelynn)
10. Gifts From God (feat. Chris Lane)
11. Forever Home (feat. Florida Georgia Line)
12. Together (feat. Russell Dickerson)
13. Tin Roof (feat. Blessing Offor)

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God and Country | Posted July 30, 2020
What You Need To Know
For his thirteenth album, Chris Tomlin joins with several mainstream Country artists to sing songs of faith in God. On Chris Tomlin & Friends, the passionate devotion of worship music and the captivating storytelling of Country music collide. The singles "Thank You Lord," featuring Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line, and "Who You Are To Me," featuring Lady A, were released ahead of the album. 

This creative collaborative project also features several more of the most well-known and beloved artists in Christian and Country music: Brett Young, Cassadee Pope, Chris Lane, RaeLynn, Russell Dickerson, Blessing Offor, We The Kingdom, and Bear Rineheart of NEEDTOBREATHE.

What It Sounds Like
From country ballad meets prayerful worship ("Reaching For You," "Be The Moon") to country anthem meets joyful praise ("Thank You Lord," "Power"), every song on this album really is heartfelt, engaging and special in its own right. The songs express such a wide range of testimonies in the life of following Jesus as well. Acknowledging God's good gifts in life, believing that God hears our prayers, trusting the name of Jesus above all else, praising God's character and many more themes appear on the album.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
One of my favorite messages on the album is in "God Who Listens." The lyrics encourage us I'm not just hoping/I'm not just wishing/I'm know praying to a God who listens. It's a sentiment that will connect with many. For the Christian who's become discouraged in prayer or the seeker who wonders if God is real, we all need a reminder sometimes that God is close and He hears us when we call to Him.

Best Song On The Record
Upbeat and fun "Thank You Lord," featuring Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett, is the winner for best song on the album. It's surely going to be a favorite for you to drive to on a sunny day. The song perfectly brings together the core lyrical themes of both the Contemporary Christian and Country genres–expressing faith in God and appreciating the beauty in life's profoundly simple experiences. The artists sing about gratefulness for God's blessings in the big and small moments of life, the good times and the hard times.

For Fans Of
NEEDTOBREATHE, Brandon Heath, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Ellie Holcomb

Final Word
Chris Tomlin & Friends is an album that will appeal to fans of Christian music, country music and lovers of all genres. It's a significant project in that it brings Christian and mainstream artists together, not only to make music, but to share their faith with one another and with their audience. Both in music and in message this album will resonate with you, wherever you may be in musical interest or spiritual journey.

Buy the album on Apple Music or stream it on Spotify

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BPence (125)

Worship Meets Country | Posted August 01, 2020
Chris Tomlin has been one of my favorite artists for several years. His thirteenth studio album is unlike anything he’s ever done before. It’s his attempt to break down the walls of the Christian music genre and allowing the music to be accessible to a wider audience. I give him credit for trying something new and different, bridging country music with his worship music genre. It’s not an album in which guest artists merely join Tomlin, but it’s a true collaboration. Tomlin has talked of the album as being created entirely through friendships. On the downside, there is so much collaboration that on some songs Tomlin can barely be heard.   
Florida Georgia Line’s Corey Crowder produced 12 out of the 13 songs, with David Garcia producing one track and Ed Cash co-producing one. The album is also different in that Tomlin is known for writing songs for the church to sing, but most of these songs don’t fall into that category.
The album grew on me with each repeated listen. Below are a few comments about each song:
Thank You Lord (Intro) – This brief song features a gospel choir led by Shannon Sanders that was brought in for the song “Power”.
Thank You Lord – This song was written by Tomlin, Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard, Corey Crowder and David Garcia, and features Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett. Tomlin has said that to have a life of gratitude and thank God for all things – good and hard - that are around us is a major theme of the album. The verses have more of a country music feel, and the bridge is more worship music, featuring Tomlin. This is a feel-good, sing along song that features hand claps, backing vocals, guitar and drums.    
Key lyric:
Praise up, eyes closed
One thing I know
I just wanna thank You Lord, thank You Lord

Reaching For You – This song was written by Tomlin, Shay Mooney and Ed Cash, and features We The Kingdom. This song is probably closest to a traditional Tomlin worship song, featuring keys, synth, backing vocals, drums and guitar.
Key lyric:
And I don't have to wonder where
My hope is coming from
I lift my hands for who You are
And everything You've done

Who You Are To Me – This song was written by Tomlin, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood and features Lady A (formerly known as Lady Antebellum). The song features keys, drums, guitar and backing vocals.  
Key lyric:
Some people think You're distant, just some words on a page
That You're nothing more than fables, handed down along the way
But I've seen You part the waters
When no one else could pull me from, the deep
That's who You are to me

God Who Listens – This song was written by Tomlin, Thomas Rhett, Ashley Gorley and David Garcia, and features Thomas Rhett. The song features guitar, bass, drums, and backing vocals.
Key lyric:
I'm not just hoping
I'm not just wishing
I know I'm praying
To a God who listens
I know He hears me
I know He's living
Yes, I am praying
To a God who listens

Power – This song was written by Tomlin, Pat Barrett and Ed Cash and features Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE.  This gospel flavored song, based on Psalms 20 and 121, is one that Tomlin has had for a while, and he teams up well with Rinehart and the gospel choir. This is another song that sounds like a traditional Tomlin worship song.   
Key lyric:
There is wonder working power
Holy Spirit power
Great redeeming power
Power in the name
Resurrection power
Bondage breaking power
Power in the name of Jesus

Be The Moon – This song was written by Tomlin, Corey Crowder and Tyler Hubbard, and features Brett Young and Cassadee Pope. Tomlin has said that this song represents the heart of the album. God calls us to be a light in the darkness, and that is what the moon does, reflects the light of the sun amidst night. The easy-going song features backing vocals, drums, guitar and a memorable chorus.
Key lyric:
I wanna be the moon
Up among the stars
Fly around the world
Lighting up the dark at night
I'm nothing without the Son's amazing grace
On everything I do
If You're shining on me
I'm shining right back for You
I wanna be the moon

Sing – This song was written by Tomlin, Corey Crowder, Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard and Cary Barlowe and features Russell Dickerson (who was formerly Tomlin’s guitar tech on the road for three years), and Florida Georgia Line. The easy-going song features guitar, hand claps, backing vocals, drums and a memorable chorus.  
Key lyric:
You make me wanna sing all about Your love
Make me wanna tell the whole world what You've done
How You've turned my life around, I was lost but now I'm found
You're the song stuck inside my head all day
Yeah, You make me wanna sing, sing
Sing all about You
Yeah, You make me wanna sing

Chase Me Down – This song was written by Racheal Lynn David, Josh Kerr and Hannah Ellis, and features RaeLynn on lead vocals as Tomlin sings harmony. The song about how God pursues us, features keys, synth, guitar, bass, and drums.   
Key lyric:
You chase me down when I don't deserve it
You show me love, You don't make me earn it
I make a mess and I just start running
Hoping that You won't know
Oh, when I'm lost and I'm low
In a place that I think You won't go
You chase me down
You chase me down

Gifts From God – This song was written by Tomlin, Corey Crowder and Tyler Hubbard and features Chris Lane. This was the first song written for the album. It’s about thanking God for those gifts that are the ones money can’t buy. The song features guitar, hand claps, drums, backing vocals, and a memorable chorus and a worshipful bridge.    
Key lyric:
The best things in life are straight from His hands
Like the raising kids on a piece of land
A little peace of mind when the day is done
Where you think that comes from? That's gifts from God

Forever Home – This song was written by Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Ashley Gorley, Corey Crowder and features Florida Georgia Line. This song features guitar, organ, drums, backing vocals, and a memorable chorus.  
Key lyric:
When we get to our forever home
We'll see beauty like we've never known
Angels singing Hallelujah songs
Hard to imagine one day

Together – This song was written by Tomlin, Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, Russell Dickerson and Corey Crowder and features Russell Dickerson. Tomlin has said that the song is about through everything, through the ups and the downs, through the bends in the road, through the valleys and the highs and the lows, God holds us together. The song, which touches on Romans 8:28, features guitar, piano, percussion and a gospel choir.  
Key lyric:
Together, together
Your mighty hands are holding me
Together, together
You're the God that never leaves
When life gets hard, the only Jesus
We fall apart and You're putting the pieces
Together, together
Thank You, Lord, You hold all things together

Tin Roof – This song was written by Blessing Offor and Natalie Hemby and features Blessing Offor. On an album of superstars, Offor is an unknown blind singer, songwriter and musician from Nigeria, who now lives in Nashville. Offor says about the song “In Nigeria where I grew up, I would lay at night and those African rains would hit the roof. That rain on a tin roof reminds me of home and I think of heaven. That’s what heaven is, is home.” The song features Offor and Tomlin singing beautifully over piano and organ.  
Key lyric:
They tell me in the promise land
There are mansions to choose
Oh, but I pray Heaven is like rain on a tin roof

Best songs:
Thank You Lord
Who You Are to Me
God Who Listens
Forever Home
Tin Roof

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