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Don't Wait [edit]
by Adie | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 26, 2006

Adie, former frontwoman of The Benjamin Gate and also married to husband Jeremy Camp, is back to the music scene with her debut solo album "Don't Wait".

Ultimately, it's the couple's personal and professional camaraderie, along with Adie's expressive voice that makes Don't Wait such a unique and compelling offering. Musically mirrors style of singer/songwriter Butterfly Boucher and the more electronic pop approach of Frou Frou, Don't Wait is a seasoned, more introspective departure from Adie's more aggressive rock roots in The Benjamin Gate.

Thematically speaking, Don't Wait is very multi-faceted as it tackles everything from maintaining an eternal perspective on life ("Don't Wait), to relying on God even in our weakest moments (Sufficient), to a new understanding and appreciation of God's grace (What Have I Done?).

In the process of making the album, Adie says she also felt a new resolve against spiritual complacency and a renewed desire to truly make every day count. "I've been a Christian for a long time, and it's easy to get into a comfortable routine," Adie confesses. "In Revelation, it speaks about not losing your first love. And I think the Lord has really been challenging me not to just be faithful in taking time for devotions each day but to be a person who really desires to spend time with Jesus and not compromise."

Track Listing
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01. Your Way
02. When It's Over
03. Sufficient
04. Don't Wait (Lazy Day)
05. Overwhelm Me
06. Time
07. If I'll Ever
08. What Have I Done
09. Broken
10. Turn, Turn, Turn

Entry last edited by dademery on 06.01.10

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A Very Good Change | Posted September 26, 2009
Fans of The Benjamin Gate were not only stunned, but also delighted to hear that in 2006, after a brief period away from music, former Ben Gate lead singer Adrienne Liesching-Camp would be releasing her first solo project after the disbanding of the group in late 2003. After the ending of the band, Adrienne (now going by ?Adie?) focused on her new life as wife to then up and comer Jeremy Camp and growing their family with the addition of their two daughters in 2004 and 2006. With all that change, it was bound to happen that Adie?s sound, known as rock at best, would change and become, yes, MUCH softer.

?Don?t Wait? opens with the raging acoustics on the first track ?Your Way?, the change from The Benjamin Gate to this album is evident right away?this isn?t the same style anymore and while most fans may not want to embrace that, many loyalists would find it refreshing and a great change of pace. ?When It?s Over? and ?Sufficient? follow suit with spot on piano throughout. ?don?t Wait (Lazy Day)? is one of the most pop driven songs on the album while ?Overwhelm Me? takes on a soulful edge with clever lyrics to boot, about needing God?s love to overwhelm us and set us free.

?Time? is the standout track on this album, a very soft moment of worship about not wasting the God given time that we are given. ?If I?ll Ever? brings back the upbeat pop that this album carries so well while ?What Have I Done? another moment of worship on the album is sure to touch your Spirit. A moment of asking God ?what have I done to deserve Your endless love?? and then with the realization of ?You?ve made me worthy of You?. a very powerful moment on the album. ?Broken? is driven by acoustic guitar and a shirt cameo by husband Jeremy Camp on this track is sure to make fans of both artists very happy. The album closes with Adie?s rendition of the 60?s favorite ?Turn, Turn, Turn? (taken out of the book of Ecclesiastes), the most rock driven song on the album, THIS is the one that most Benjamin Gate fans were waiting to hear on this album and it doesn?t disappoint.

Fans of Jeremy?s style of music are sure to become fans of Adie?s right away, and while it might take TBG fans a but to get used to Adie?s new style of music, in the end they are sure to see that it is the game girl writing the same God loving, passion driven lyrics--just with a different sound. And it?s a very good change.

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Amazing CD! | Posted July 16, 2007
I am totally with Miss Bookworm on this CD. Adie has such a beautiful voice and she really shines on songs like "Sufficient" and "What Have I Done". The more I listen to this CD, the more I like it and the songs "When It's Over" and "Your Way" are also standout tracks. Mrs. Jeremy Camp may have put out one of the top 10 CD's of 2006, rivaling "Beyond Measure" in my opinion.

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:) | Posted March 10, 2011
Awesome album! Adie is awesome.

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Front Woman Of Benjamin Gates Hits The Mark With Solo Debut | Posted April 29, 2009
It's been a few years now since alt rock act The Benjamin Gate disbanded. Since its demise, the band's lead vocalist Adie Liesching married fellow artist Jeremy Camp, has become a mother twice over, and has crafted her debut solo project. Under the moniker Adie, Adrienne releases Don't Wait, a stylistic departure from her previous band that is likely to appease old fans while attracting the attention of many new ones.

Don't Wait is a distinctly more pop venture than what Adrienne has been involved with previously. The pop/rock elements still exist. Those who found Benjamin Gate too edgy will find Adie's sound to be more accessible and soothing. The songwriting themes have changed as well. "What Have I Done?" or "Overwhelm." Adie's sound is more mature in the sense that it seems geared more towards an older crowd than Benjamin Gate was. The verses and melody of "If I'll Ever" even slightly bears a resemblance to Amy Grant's classic "Lucky Ones," in feel and vibe, which brings to mind that Adie is in a different league now as a pop artist. She just might be shaping up to follow in Grant's grand footsteps.

A cover of Peter Seeger's "Turn Turn Turn" seems to most closely resemble something Adrienne's previous band may have done. A fine rendition of the popular song, "Turn..." is one of the most upbeat tracks on Don't Wait. Most of the pop songs on the album carry a sense of familiarity -- even the catchy title track, which is still easily a highlight on the record, may cause you to wonder if you've heard it somewhere before. Adie makes sure to stay far enough away from some of the common cliches of the genre to stand up on her own. The sweet innocence and vulnerability of "What Have I Done" is a testament.

What I missed most on Don't Wait from Adrienne's past recordings, is that at times her voclas seem to be missing the passion and flair her voice became known for. Her vocal style is smoother and more controlled, which actually works better with the musical direction she's striving for with Don't Wait. Still, Adrienne certainly proved she could rock out with the best of them and that will surely be missed.

Don't Wait is a fine effort for Adie's first venture on her own. Adie possesses an infectious charm that is inviting. It may not be all the Benjamin Gate fans could hope for in an Adrienne Camp record, but Adie's solo groundwork is laid with Don't Wait, and I definitely can't wait to see where she takes things next.

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Beautiful Voice and Great Lyrics | Posted October 29, 2008
The former lead singer of now disbanded Benjamin gate returns with her solo debut. Adie has such a beautiful voice and you cant help but love the vocals on this CD. The lyrics are so powerful and just draw you closer to God. The standout songs are "Your Way" "When Its Over" and her cover of the Byrds song "Turn Turn Turn." I also Like "Dont Wait(Lazy Days) it is just a fun song to sing along with.

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skyve (53)

well.... | Posted June 05, 2008
well what can i say? she has got an amazing voice. all of the songs are sing-a-long[able] and that's cool. they also have good remedy's. my favorite song 'were what have i done' and 'sufficient.' they are such great songs.

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Turn, Turn, Turn | Posted March 24, 2008
She's got an amazing voice and does a great cover of "Turn, Turn, Turn!"

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kl1995 (52)

Don't Wait! Get The Album :) | Posted March 06, 2008
This album is great! I love Adie. Her voice is amazing and has harmony. The album titled songs, "Don't Wait" is a great song. "Sufficient" is a great praise song and "When It's Over" is a very soft song. Get this album!!!

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Change of musical stylings | Posted February 11, 2008
I highly anticipated the release of Don't Wait as I love the music of her former band The Benjamin Gate, however this solo album from Adie Camp takes a different turn. How do I say this? This is not a bad thing, but these songs resemble the music of her husband (and co-writer of many of the album's songs) Jeremy Camp more than the music Adie was creating when she fronted The Benjamin Gate, both lyrically and musically. And while I loved the musical stylings with Adie's voice of The Benjamin Gate and wish she would've continued on with music more along those lines, this is nevertheless a good album. With solid songs and worshipful lyrics, Don't Wait is an album worth looking into.

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Beautiful sound! | Posted January 22, 2008
I think Adie is a very talented woman! I love "When it's Over" and "Overwhelm Me". In some ways, this album is a little boring, but I did enjoy most of the songs. I guess I just prefer something a little more lively-something like the songs the Benjamin Gate used to do with her in it. I really enjoyed their style, but overall this cd was beautiful!

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AMAZING CD | Posted November 30, 2007
For Adie Camp's debut Cd as a single artist it is great. One of my favorite cds

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Don't Wait To Buy!! | Posted November 21, 2007
I wasn't expecting too much when I got this CD...I chose it as the free CD in a "Buy One, Get One" sale. However, since listening to it, it has become one of my favorite CDs ever! Adie is so talented. I definitely love "When It's Over," which is the first song I heard by her on the radio, but I can't exactly say it's my absolute favorite because I like all the songs on the CD. I was also excited to learn that she sang in The Benjamin Gate, because I love their song "All Over Me" and I had been hoping for more music by her, even though I didn't know who she was yet. :)

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