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Joy and Sorrow Meet [edit]
by Weston Skaggs | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: July 29, 2016

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Skaggs is known for his unique blend of indie folk music and American roots. Add to that his heart for the local church, and what comes out is a worship leader who's able to paint pictures of the highs and lows of the human experience. His songs are deeply authentic and accessible, drawing from situations like the dramatic birth of his daughter.

"My wife, Amy, nearly died in childbirth with Paisley," recounts Skaggs. "She lost 10 liters of blood due to hemorrhaging, and underwent a hysterectomy during a 4-hour life-saving surgery." The implications of the surgery are far-reaching, as anyone can imagine. But Skaggs insists that God used the experience for good. "Some extraordinary things happen to someone who holds on to the love of God when the odds are totally against them. Only one thing can account for it all--the love of God in Christ Jesus."

And it's precisely from this sort of place that Skaggs penned the lyrics to of his upcoming LP Joy & Sorrow Meet. "Out of the wreck I rise," he says, "every single time." The album pre-releases on Friday July 22, 2016 exclusively at Kingdom Bound at Darien Lake, NY with a full release the following Friday, July 29 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and physically at Sprig Music Store.

"Being a church-founded, artist-centric label means that Sprig has no conflict of interest to tamper with their artists' songs and personal calling," Skaggs adds. "This has allowed me to feel very settled and free to create the most true expression of my art in the studio."

Track Listing
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01. Let a Song Go Out From My Heart
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02. Lay It Down
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03. Glory to Your Name
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04. Blush
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05. Hammer & Nails
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06. Greater Than You Know
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07. Home Pt I
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08. The Reach
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09. Down in My Soul
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10. Out of the Wreckage
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11. Home Pt II
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12. Pocket Sized God
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13. Creation Will Sing Your Song
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​Indie Country Meets Gospel | Posted July 28, 2016
Husband, dad, registered nurse, singer, songwriter--Weston Skaggs has quite a lot on his plate these days. A church worship leader with a passion for telling stories, Weston's style is indie-country and gospel with a twist of folk. His music incorporates genuine lyrics with stripped-down instrumentation, making it the perfect listen for anyone who enjoys a raw sound.
His first full length release, Joy And Sorrow Meet, puts all of those elements together to make a moving worship release. "I'm passionate to create a fresh and unique musical sound that offers encouragement to the church and hope to lost and hurting people," Skaggs says of the new project.
Introducing the album with an acoustic sound that becomes commonplace in Skaggs' music, "Let A Song Go Out From My Heart" features beautiful instrumentation behind Weston's steady voice, much like the vulnerably-written "Blush." A bit more uptempo, "Lay It Down," "Home Pt. 1" and "Pocket Sized God" all show off the country side of this record.
Telling the story of the cross, "Hammer & Nails" gives listeners a bit of skillful harmony followed by "Greater Than You Know" and "The Reach," which focus on the vast love of Christ. Folk-styled "Down In My Soul" will have listeners tapping their feet along with the music before "Out Of The Wreckage" slides back into the worship portion of this record.
The Bottom Line: Joy And Sorrow Meet gives listeners a good representation of the artist Weston Skaggs is: vulnerable and honest, country and set on worship. Fans of folk music and southern gospel will gravitate toward this unique sound and look forward to seeing what comes from Skaggs in the future.
Song To Download Now:
"Let A Song Go Out From My Heart" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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good | Posted August 14, 2018
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