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Young Man Follow [edit]
by Future Of Forestry | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 10, 2012

From Future Of Forestry frontman Eric Owyoung:

"To be honest, with past albums, I could say I did not care as much what people thought of them. I feel differently about this one. I wrote these songs for YOU, the fans, the people who feed off music to survive, those who search the abyss of internet audio waves for something beautiful and meaningful. It may seem like an obviously good idea that an artist would write songs for the listener, but this is not always the case. Sometimes we write music to experiment. Sometimes we write because we have to get something off of our chest or to express the deep and dark ails of our hearts. But this album was different. I wanted to write songs that brought beauty and warmth into someones thoughts and life. I kept reminding myself 'for the people' as I wrote.

So, for what its worth, these songs are about you. I did my best, I put my writing nose to the grind-stone to shape these songs into what they are for you. I wanted to make this an album you simply wanted to listen to, not just because it is Future Of Forestry, or because it had unique instruments, but because it has songs that you love, songs that you want to hear again, songs that reach you and that you simply want to pass on to the people you love.

They are about real life, things such as setting aside differences for love. They are about coming to the table with each other and saying the heart-felt things we need to hear. Call it sentimental, but it is the deepest part of us that searches to find meaning in life and each other. These are songs about growing up and looking for older people in your life who you want to become like. So may you be inspired with me to love and to follow those who have walked that path before us."

Track Listing
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01. Young Man Follow
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02. Come Alive
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03. Someone
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04. As It Was
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05. Would You Come Home
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06. Feeling
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07. Chariots
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08. You
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09. Things That We Should See
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10. Love Be Your Mantra
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KellyS (37)

Follow the Creativity | Posted July 17, 2012
San Diego-based band, Future of Forestry, releases Young Man Follow, continuing their unusual ambient melodic rock sound. Front man Eric Owyoung's unique voice and an added combination of instrumental sounds, make it difficult to compare the band's musical stylings with anything else. It's easy to see why Future Of Forestry has been around for years and continues to provide listeners with extraordinary albums.
Title track "Young Man Follow" starts off the album with electronic sounds echoing and tinny guitar strums as Owyoung sings the chorus, "The time has come / old man callin' / so be strong / young man follow." The song is a bit slow moving, but contains a sense that this is only the beginning of an album that has much to offer.
Second track, "Come Alive" starts with rhythmic piano, as quiet drums and steel guitar enter, adding an interesting and unexpected atmosphere of sound. Owyoung sings the chorus, "Come alive / Don't let go / Love will be enough / You're stronger than you know…You are not alone." Ending with just the plunk of a piano, this song, like many others on the album, carries the same background rhythms throughout and progressively adds layers of sound, finally ending simply and just as it began.
"Feeling" is a bit more upbeat and contains a variety of sounds including xylophone, synthesizer, guitar, drums, and keyboard. The song itself is lyrically simple with Owyoung repeating, "I'm feelin' / Like I'm home again." There's something hopeful about this song and a little reminiscent of The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony".
Final song "Love Be Your Mantra" starts out with just strumming guitars and Owyoung's voice. The recording sounds unplugged and like something you would hear live. As the song progresses, hand drums and even accordion are added, giving it a bit of a folksy americana flare. The chorus goes, "Take what you're granted / Love be your mantra / Take what you're handed / Love be your mantra," perhaps encouraging us to make loving others the goal no matter what life brings.
Closing Thoughts:
Though Future Of Forestry doesn't seem to touch on many spiritual topics lyrically, the sounds they produce are quite ethereal and soothing, which almost leave the listener feeling surrounded by something otherworldly. It's quite difficult to accurately describe the sound of Future Of Forestry, which is a compliment to their uniqueness and the niche they've established as a band. Young Man Follow is definitely worth a listen and would be a great addition to any music collection, especially those looking for something out of the ordinary.

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