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Dwell [edit]
by Aaron Keyes | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: June 21, 2011

Aaron Keyes returns with Dwell, his follow up to the 2010 album Not Guilty Anymore. As ever, Aaron's gifts are brought to the surface: his unique ability to weave Biblical truth with heart-felt worship, to create melodies that hang around for days and lyrics that resonate across the generations.

Dwell's thirteen tracks are--like Aaron himself--rooted in the local church. Dealing with everything from transformation and forgiveness to the nature of God and the mandate of the local church to build the kingdom. Produced by Stu G (of Delirious?), Dwell is Aaron's strongest album yet.

Track Listing
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01. O My Soul
02. I Am Not the Same
03. Soverign Over Us
04. Song of Moses
05. Dwell
06. In the Name of God
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07. Only Just Begun
08. Sinless Savior
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09. Life Without My God
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10. Raised Me Up
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11. Every Knee Will Bow Down
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12. Hope is Dawning
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13. Lavish
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A Refreshing Worship Experience | Posted June 13, 2011
Aaron Keyes is currently serving as a worship pastor just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He has a heart to restore the meaning of worship and living out the words we sing. It is evident through the songs on his sophomore project, Dwell, that God is using his music to minister to the hearts of His people. The theme of the album is getting to know God’s awesome character better so we can constantly dwell in His presence. The lyrics are pure truth; a lot of them come straight from Scripture. The vocals are consistent and beautiful. In some parts Aaron’s voice reminds me of Brandon Heath’s. However he doesn’t seem to use a lot of variation in his vocals or stretch his vocal abilities, which results in chorsus that are easy to follow but tends to become a tad monotonous. However the instruments are just as beautiful as the messages and on the whole, Dwell is one of the best worship albums I have heard in a long time.

Dwell starts off with “O My Soul.” It is a song that talks about God’s praiseworthy character. “Boundless love has won the day/ the sin of man is washed away.” It is a call to rise together in worship. Instrumentally, the song doesn’t lack.

"I Am Not The Same” is an encouraging song about the fact that we are new creations through Jesus. It reminds us to live out this new life we have so graciously been given. This song is a little more electric sounding and has an energizing sound. Also during the chorus the background choir vocals really come through. This gives it a family of God sort of feel.

“Sovereign Over Us” is a great reminder. It is about God’s faithfulness in every part of our lives and that He has not forgotten us. The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along with. “Even what the enemy means for evil / You turn it for our good / You turn it for our good / And for Your glory / Even in the valley You are faithful/ You’re working for our good / You’re working for our good / And for Your glory” I find this bridge running through my head throughout the day. The piano has a large part in this song; all the instruments complement each other very well.

“Song of Moses” is a simple song of praise. It has a slower tempo and a softer sound overall. This is a song I can imagine that almost any church’s praise team could learn and use to lead others in worship.

“Dwell” is based on Psalm 91, taking shelter in the shadow of the Almighty. The bridge repeats “No weapon formed against me will prosper says the Lord” In this song, there are a lot of different instruments used that work together to set the tone of the song; each instrument seems to have its own part.

“In the Name of God” is a cry out to God. This song seems to have a more intimate feel to it and reminds that there is no time that we cannot boldly approach the throne. It has a slower tempo and a lot of strings are used.

“Only Just Begun” is a reminder that God has only revealed a small part of His full character but we can still desire and grow to know Him. He is transcendent and knowable which is some sort of a paradox. It really makes you think about the awesome God that we can know if we choose to seek Him. The song starts out “Now unto Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all we ask or imagine/ to Him be the glory”. This song has somewhat of a pop feel to it and the beat is catchy.

“Sinless Savior” is a song about the death and resurrection of Jesus. It reminds us of the perfect sacrifice that He willingly made for us. The chorus sings “He is Jesus / sinless Savior / the spotless Redeemer of man / He is Jesus / God is With Us / All glory all praise to the Lamb.” Instrumentally, this song is amazing. The timing of each one coming in and out throughout the song really makes the song more impactful.

“Life Without My God” reminds us that life without God is not worth living. It is different from all the other songs on the album. It is a bit more upbeat and has a rock feel to it in some parts. I am glad that this song is on the album because it mixes things up a bit.

“Raised Me Up” is also unique. It starts off with a cappella then leads into an upbeat song of praise to God for deliverance and faithfulness. 
“Every Knee Will Bow Down” is a paraphrase of Philippians 2:5-11. It is very encouraging to listen to this song and think about the humility and victory of Jesus. I can see this song hitting the top of the contemporary worship music list.
“Hope Is Dawning” is a soft song of hope. Aaron’s vocals are sweet and gentle which really adds to the meaning of the song. The pre-chorus says, “Open up our eyes to see Your glory all around.”
“Lavish” is a fun, fast-paced song. It talks about God relentlessly blessing His children. It also adds a little variety to the sound of the album.
Aaron has made a few of the lyrics and chords available at his website, aaronkeyes.com. “Dwell,” “I Am Not The Same,” “Song of Moses,” and “Sovereign Over Us” are all available. Aaron and his wife lead a worship school several months during the year so that they can help train up worship leaders that are founded in the word of God. I think this is really neat and you can find more information on his website about it if you are interested in attending.
Closing Thoughts:
The songs on Dwell are all original and in a sea of artists redoing the same songs over and over, Aaron leads his listeners in a very refreshing worship experience. This is a very solid album that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for great worship music to listen to or even to lead others in. God is definitely working through Aaron and his worship ministry.

-- Abby Trumbull, NewReleaseTuesday.com

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Buying soon | Posted June 19, 2011
I have only listened to a couple of the songs on this album, but I am already planning on picking it up. He seems to have some really good songs, and I think that I may end up getting a couple more of his records.

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Momma67 (24)

Not for me, but still good | Posted June 19, 2011
I am not a huge fan of this style of music, but that doesn't mean that it is bad. The songs are well written, and the message that he he has to share is really great. It may not be what I enjoy, but it is great for others.

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Review! | Posted June 18, 2011
I had heard of Aaron Keyes (just from knowing about Christian music, haha) prior to listening to this CD, but I never really sat down and took the time to listen to any of his songs. So, I was pumped to preview this album for free here on NRT. ;)  I listened to the whole thing all the way through, and really enjoyed it. Great worship album! My favorite tracks are "Only Just Begun", and Life Without God". All great songs, though! You can tell there is alot of heart in these songs. Highly recommended!

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A help with my walk with God | Posted June 17, 2011
This new worship cd really encouraged me this week. I was having a hard time, but the words brought a restoration in my relationship with Christ. The sound is very modern, but at the same time the heart of worship is still evident.

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bull42 (50)

Dwell | Posted June 16, 2011
Aaron Keys is a new worship leader who has released a praise and worship CD. I listened to this CD and was pleasently suprised. The songs are very good. The lyrics are powerful and heartfelt. The pace and beat to the songs are good as well. Aaron has a strong ,clear voice that I enjoyed listening to.My favorite songs on this CD are "Dwell"
"Song of Moses" and "Every Knee Will Bow Down".
I would like to thank Kevin and everyone at NRT for previewing this CD. This is a great example of a CD I normally would not listen to or even think of buying. Now after hearing it, I will tell my friends about it. I will also sing the praises of a great new praise and worship singer - Aaron Keyes.

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tura8010 (28)

Great album | Posted June 16, 2011
 I just heard the album preview. I like this album. The songs are very nice and really encouraging. The music is the kind that I like. All the songs say a lot about the greatness of God. The lyrics are simple and they have great meaning. I felt really encouraged when i heard to the album. I give five star to this album. Great job by Aaron Keyes.

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Dwell | Posted June 15, 2011

I really enjoyed listening to this release. It was very worshipful and I liked the overall musical style of the album. I thought it was very Christ centered and that the songs were very well crafted and written.

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Worship at it's finest | Posted June 14, 2011
Everytime NRT has a new album to preview, I make sure that I set aside time to do just that. I'm always happy when the album is over, because no matter what album I listened to, I'm always impressed. Aaron Keyes did an amazing job with this album, it glorifies God so perfectly, and makes you see what a big and amazing God we have. It's definitely worth listening to, and telling your friends about. Amazing worship album!

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whl57 (8)

Good heartfelt worship music | Posted June 14, 2011
I listened to this album while I was doing some other work and really enjoyed it. I had not heard of this singer/songwriter before, but I will tune in to his work in the future.

The album is full of good, heartfelt worship music with some songs with good driving beats and others more meditative and reflective.  I particularly remember hearing Every Knee Will Bow -- the refrain and mood kept in my heart and mind for quite a while.  I could see it easily joining the ranks of good worship songs.

I will look forward to listening to this album again.

Thank you NRT for providing this opportunity to hear a new album in its entirety!

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