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We Do What We Want [edit]
by Emery | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: March 29, 2011

Emery returns with We Do What We Want, one of their heaviest and most uncompromisingly intense releases to date. The record marks their fifth full-length release on Tooth & Nail Records, and is undeniable proof that quality and longevity go hand-in-hand. With over 425,000 records sold lifetime, the band has cemented themselves as a mainstay in the heavy music genre. We Do What We Want is perfect balance of the artistic evolution that we’ve come to expect from the band and the explosive energy that initially won our hearts. The album was produced by Matt Carter (Emery) and mixed by Jason Suecof (August Burns Red).

Track Listing
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01. The Cheval Glass
02. Scissors
03. The Anchors
04. The Curse of Perfect Days
05. You Wanted it
06. I’m Not Here For Rage I’m Here…
07. Daddy’s Little Peach
08. Addicted to Bad Decisions
09. I Never Got To See The West Coast
10. Fix Me

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dyl464 (12)

Emery does what they want | Posted July 22, 2011
Emery's fifth album is the first album released through Solid State Records as well as Tooth & Nail. This album was said to be heavier and more brutal. And with Devin Shelton gone, I thought it was going to be much heavier. I was half-wrong:

The Cheval Glass 9.5/10 - The most brutal song on the album. The screams blend perfectly with Toby's melodies. Breakdowns are very good too. It should have been longer though.

Scissors 9/10 - Another heavier song, but with more singing. The intro is very heavy, and the guitars in the first verse are great. Chorus is your typical Emery catchy melody with background screaming.

The Anchors 9/10 - This song has one of their best screaming parts to date. Don't fear though, because the singing's just as prevalent in this song. This song is about the power of words.

Curse of Perfect Days 9/10 - The most catchy song on the album. It starts of slow before the screaming comes in, then the chorus will have you singing along. Nothing to complain about here. Your typical Emery doing what they do best.

You Wanted It 10/10 - This song conveys the overall theme of the album. It's a haunting conversation between God and a selfish person who is doing what they want. The bridge nearly brought tears to my eyes ("And all the nights that you cried in your bed, hoping I was there but you told yourself you’re old and alone").

I'm Not Here For Rage... 9.5/10 - This song is a little more poppy, but good nonetheless. The chugging guitars in the verses are awesome. The guitar solo, written by ABR's JB Brubaker, is great too.

Daddy's Little Peach 8/10 - A much more mellow song than the others. It doesn't start screaming until the end. But it is catchy and will get stuck in your head.

Addicted To Bad Decisions 9/10 - This song is almost pop-punk since there's no screaming. It just shows that an Emery song doesn't need screaming to be good. It is a song about relationships.

I Never Got To See The West Coast 8/10 - A very mellow acoustic song. It's a touching song about the consequences of walking away from God and doing what you want.

Fix Me 9/10 - Another slow acoustic song. This song is about Jesus taking all the pain of doing what you want. Simple lyrics like "Jesus fix me," show you what the band is all about.

Overall 9/10 - This album is not as heavy as Solid State made it sound, but it's good Emery anyway. They are just doing what they do best, which is crank out some catchy screamo tunes. Keep doing what you want, Emery!

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We Do What We Want | Posted April 29, 2011
Emery do what they want. I'm glad they do because it results in very good music. In their sixth album, they once again tweak their style enough to create some of their heaviest and some of their softest songs to date. The whole CD hardly slows until well past the halfway mark and then closes with two heartfelt ballads. My worry for this album was that without their second lead vocalist (who recently announced his departure) and the harmonies we've come to love, it would fall short. Although the harmonies are missed, the contrast between screams and vocalist Toby Morrell's fantastic singing voice is more than enough to make the album as amazing as it is.  On top of these changes, there also is a significantly darker vibe than on other albums with more faith based based lyrics than ever. There isn't a bad song on here, but some of my favorites are The Cheval Glass, Curse of Perfect Days, The Anchors, You Wanted It, Daddy's Little Peach, and my new favorite slower Emery song, I Never Got to See the West Coast. All in all, a fantastic CD worth every cent.

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted March 29, 2011
The new Emery album, We Do What We want, is finally here and it is one of their best albums yet.
Emery goes all out on this one.  They crank their guitars to eleven and elevate the level of screaming vocals.  It almost feels like Devin Shelton never even left the band.  This is the hardest style that Emery has done yet, so hard that they signed with Solid State Records (the metal subdivision of Tooth and Nail,) a few months ago which sees the band take full advantage of their new signing.  The 8 hard rockin' songs featured indeed live up to all expectations.  A perfect blend of screamed and clean vocals plus vicious guitar riffs and breakdowns only serve to highlight the lyrics, which all have a common theme.  This is a very personal album that deals with tough spiritual issues like questioning whether God is real or not, challenging authority, and why we do the things we do.  These themes really resonate with the album cover which features a bible but instead of having Holy Bible on the front cover, it has been replaced with the album title.
Emery hits another one out of the park with We Do What We Want.  This is an album that will appeal to fans and other people.  The last two tracks serve as a preview of the band's upcoming acoustic album, which sound amazing.  I can't wait to hear if that album will be just as good as those tracks. 

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