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Posted October 21, 2008
By CCMmagazine,

Between soundtrack spots on “CSI Miami” and World Wrestling Entertainment to scoring the Dove Award for “Rock Album of the Year,” it’s been hard not to notice the waves Disciple’s been making over the two years since its last CD, Scars Remain. The Knoxville fivesome’s latest, Southern Hospitality,certainly continues in that disc’s rollicking tradition, though there are several newly treaded paths on this shred-heavy CD.

As the title suggests, the band’s been listening to plenty of blues-inspired rock ‘n’ roll, from scorchers like The Black Crowes and ZZ Top to possibly even the like-minded Christian act DecembeRadio. Though it may seem like a slightly peculiar pedigree for a group reared on strictly hard rock, the southern leanings fit right at home across a dozen incendiary tracks. The title cut provides a fitting introduction to the gang’s monstrous melodies and gritty guitar solos, which could certainly be used in the ongoing “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” video game movements.

But outside the roaring riffs inserted within other foot-stompers like “321” and “Falling Star,” there’s plenty of lyrical substance on Southern Hospitality as well. Throughout the crashing percussion of “Whatever Reason,” front man Kevin Young calls anyone who’s strayed to come home to Christ, while he screams “I once was dead/Now I’m alive” throughout the searing “Lay My Burdens.” The finale “Savior” is also a sincerely presented prayer for a non-believing friend to have their heart softened, interjecting a dose of acoustic variety into the already impressive makeover. –Andy Argyrakis

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