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#6: Phantom Writer
Posted October 03, 2008
By bjburly,

Created by critically-acclaimed and best-selling authors Jerry Jenkins and Chris Fabry, the Red Rock Mysteries Series combines hair-raising adventures and Biblical values in a storyline that kids will crave. Seemingly smart 13-year-old twins Bryce and Ashley Timberline are constantly stumbling into thrilling mysteries from their hometown of Red Rock, Colorado, that are packed with excitement and real-life situations... but that's not the whole story. While the series is obviously primarily focused on mysteries that the twins solve together, each installment has its own unique problem or situation for each of the two. Also, each Red Rock book is constantly flipping to Bryce's and Ashley's own perspective, so readers, depending on their gender, can relate to either Bryce or Ashley throughout the entire story. Biblical and family values are presented as an important priority from each twin, but a balance between faith and action is wonderfully evident.

Just when things seem to be slowing down for the Timberline duo, their mother receives a phone call from the famous horror writer Jake Konig, asking her if she would help him finish his newest book. Bryce, a huge fan of Konig and his work, is naturally ecstatic when plans are arranged for the horror writer to make a trip to the Timberline house. However, before Bryce even has time to blink, a word comes in from Konig's wife that her husband has vanished! The twins, determined to find out more, convince their mother to accept an offer to travel to Konig's estate to finish Jake's book themselves. Once there, things are even more mysterious than before. The spooky writing house computer displays hair-raising messages that keep the Timberlines on their toes and make Bryce and Ashley wonder if the messages are linked to Jake's disappearance. Suspects seem to be running all over town, from a pesky local church member to even the Konig family, while an overnight visit to an apparent haunted lodge creates an adrenaline-rushing night of terror for the family, from distant cries from the air vent to red eyes in the window. Will the Timberline twins overcome their toughest challenge yet and rescue Jake Konig? Dripping with tension and filled with dead ends and heart-pumping action, Phantom Writer is easily the most thrilling, adventurous, and chilling Red Rock installment yet.

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