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Faith-filled Worship
Posted September 01, 2021
By JasminPatterson_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know
Lakewood Music is the worship ministry from Lakewood Church, the Houston mega-church led by pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen. Lakewood Music has partnered with record label Capital CMG to release Whatever May Come, their first full-length album since 2018.
What It Sounds Like
Lakewood Church has no lack of incredibly talented musicians and vocalists, and that's clear as you listen to Lakewood Music leading you in worship on this album. It's the sound of a church worship team--strong and unified vocals ("Away From Your Love"), live instruments, and some electronic ones ("(Now) Ain't That Something") added in, balancing the congregational feel with modern sounds.

Whatever May Come is an album with multiple lead vocalists. It's so refreshing to hear multiple voices leading worship and to experience what each lead vocalist brings to their songs as they ultimately point our attention to God. The album also features Christian pop artist, Tauren Wells, who is a worship leader and young adult pastor at Lakewood, on "You Are My Life" and "I've Got A Fire" and Kim Walker-Smith on "In The Name."
Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
Lakewood Church is known for faith-filled, encouraging, inspiring messages and that theme comes across through the songs on this record as well. Every song is declaring who God is or declaring trust in Him and faith in His promises, like these lyrics from "In The Name": Our God can never fail/Through Him, our chains are broken/In Him, the sick are healed/In the name of Jesus giants are defeated/Every single mountain has to move/You're faithful to Your promise, You finish what You started/There is none as powerful as You Jesus
Best Song On The Record
"While A Wait" takes best song. A worship ballad, if you will, it has one of the more engaging and hauntingly beautiful melodies on the album. It's reflective of the type of songs and prayers we read in the Psalms about trusting and praising even while we wait on Him to work in our lives.
For Fans Of
Final Word
Whatever May Come is a studio-recorded worship album. Previous worship albums from Lakewood released in the 2000s under the name Lakewood Live were live worship experiences recorded at the church. While Whatever May Come is no doubt a strong record, I wish this one was a live worship album as well. There's something about the raw sound of the congregation engaged in praise and the in-the-moment exhortation from the worship leaders that captures the energy of what worship at Lakewood is like, and I would have loved to see that translate even more on this project because it truly is something special and draws you into the presence of God.

Reflective of the diversity within their home church, Whatever May Come will appeal across diverse ages and musical preferences and will leave you praising God for His power and promises in your in life.
Buy the album on Apple Music or stream it on Spotify


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