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You Are Enough For Me (Single) Review
Posted August 25, 2021
By KevinMcNeese_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Hope VanDouser is an artist on Madison Line Records and a student with Visible Music College. Her debut single, “We’re Open (Acts 2),” was released in September of 2020, and Hope is partnering with the label to release four more singles in the next year. The first track, "You Are Enough For Me," shares an intimate moment of worship with the Lord and serves as a quiet but powerful reminder of the sufficiency of Christ in all aspects of life; in chaos and in calm, VanDouser uses these lyrics to recognize her need for the Savior.

What It Sounds Like
"You Are Enough For Me" will capture you within the first 10 seconds with a simple but powerful vocal chord progression and the lyrics, "I remember when I met you on that holy ground." You're instantly invited into a personal and intimate journey of surrender into the unknown, and as the song unfolds, the weight of the world is lifted, carried by Hope's incredibly powerful vocals and soft piano and acoustic guitar backdrop. 

The power of this song starts and stops on Hope's incredibly passionate and powerful vocal which spans octaves and tones that few female singers can claim. But beyond a pitch-perfect and eye-opening performance, the lyrics convey the end of a spiritual search, and the musical track does not rush the listener through a produced worship experience but builds and retreats, labored as much as a deep breath and exhale. 

Spiritual Highlights
I love the vulnerability in this song, but specifically in the line, I remember when you told me I deserve your love. It sometimes takes a dark moment in life to need a reminder like that and I've been there more times than I'd care to admit. Even though God welcomes us all to His table, it can sometimes feel like we can't even enter the same room, let alone sit and have company with our Lord and Savior. I feel this line deeply, because so often, we reject God's love in our life and instead, stay in the darkness, stay in the pain, stay in the challenge. God wants to simply come into our space, and remind us he loves us unconditionally. That should always be enough. 

For Fans Of
Natalie Grant, Francesca Battistelli, Tasha Layton

Final Word
It's rare to find a single so early into an artist's career that can capture your attention like "You Are Enough For Me," but here we are. While we have a promise of more music to come, I look forward to soaking in the blessing of this track for a while and would invite you to do the same! God is enough, in every situation. Always.

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